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US Marines Executes Shot Man

London Mirror | November 15 2004

A US marine has sparked world-wide revulsion after being seen shooting an injured and helpless Iraqi.

The sickening scene was broadcast by Channel 4 News after a fire-fight in the rebel stronghold of Fallujah.

The trigger-happy soldier had been asked to get nearer to the injured man.

But instead of trying to capture him, the marine is seen leaning over a wall and cold-bloodedly shooting him.

He then turns to his colleagues and says: "He's gone". Coalition chiefs were last night under pressure to investigate the incident.

Labour left-winger Jeremy Corbyn said: "This execution will be remembered by the Iraqi people for generations.

"What does this say about the tactics being used by those who are supposed to be the forces of democracy? We want an immediate investigation."

Channel 4 News viewers flooded the station's web-site with complaints. One said: This was against all civilised norms and law."


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