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Cops Caught On Camera Stomping More Heads
Tasering people into submission by pain compliance is not enough, they also must kick the living crap out of petty thieves for good measure

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Wednesday, May 14, 2008
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Not satisfied with using pain compliance to Taser people into submission, police officers have now begun to kick the living crap out of suspects just to make sure. An incident that occurred in Indiana yesterday marks another chapter in a wave of police brutality that has swept the nation.

26-year-old Felipe Alvarado was chased by police after being fingered as a suspect in vehicle burglaries, but police metered out a punishment more befitting of a dangerous murderer.

Watch the clip.

The video shows the suspect fall to the ground after officers Taser him before delivering brutal kicks to the man's face, chest and back.

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After the man is flat down on his face and handcuffed, another officer delivers one more boot to his head.

Sgt. Matthew Mount of the Indiana police then ludicrously attempts to explain away the kick by claiming that the cop was trying to prevent "the possibility of bodily fluid exchanges," claiming the suspect was spitting at the officer despite the fact that the video shows his head turned away from the officer towards the ground.

The four brutal kicks delivered before the final boot to the head are completely glossed over and ignored.

The incident follows the arrest of IMPD officer Adam Chappell in connection with kicking a 17-year-old during last year's Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration.

A similar incident in Philadelphia caused controversy last week after officers were caught on video brutally assaulting, kicking and beating two men who they apprehended at a traffic stop. The victims were later proven innocent and had no connection to the shooting of an officer as police claimed at the time.


Why do police feel that it is necessary to kick the living crap out of petty thieves as well as completely innocent people? Cops are now being trained that their duty is to fight terrorism as well as crime and they have been brainwashed into thinking that deadly killers are lurking around every corner.

Since there are no real terrorists, small time crooks and the general public are now enjoying the fruits of the crackdown.

As we have exhaustively documented - and it's difficult to keep track because we see stories like this almost every day - a pandemic of police brutality is feeding upon the nation. The training that police started to receive post-9/11 is really starting to manifest its consequences.

Back in the days of mom and apple pie, American cops used to be the most respected in the world. Now they behave more like imperial jackbooted thugs worthy of a third world dictatorship like Nepal or Zimbabwe.


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