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Claim: Silverstein Warned Not To Come To Work On 9/11
9/11 truth activist says security guards spilled beans, while one gets fired for calling in a false bomb threat to frame demonstrators

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, May 14, 2007

New York 9/11 truth activist Luke Rudkowski claims WTC complex leaseholder Larry Silverstein and his daughter got a warning on the morning of 9/11 not to come to work that day - his source? - Silverstein's own security guards.

Rudkowski and his protest group We Are Change protested Silverstein outside the new WTC 7 building last month and were confronted by Silverstein's security entourage who proceeded to harass the group before calling in a fake bomb threat to the NYPD in an attempt to have the demonstrators arrested.

"We talked to their private security staff, we talked to people who were there with Larry on 9/11 - they said he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work and he called his daughter up and his daughter also never showed up to work," Rudkowski told a radio show this past weekend.

Obviously, Silverstein arrived later in the day but the claim that he was given foreknowledge of an incident at the World Trade Center before the first plane had crashed is a bombshell revelation, perhaps even shadowing his infamous "pull it" comment.

Interestingly, Silverstein told the Wall Street Journal on Saturday that his wife had forced him to fulfil a doctors appointment on the morning of 9/11, meaning he would miss his usual breakfast date at the Windows on the World restaurant, which was located on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center's north tower.

Was Silverstein getting his alibi out ahead of time?

Security guard who called in false bomb threat to frame demonstrators fired

In addition, it has since come to light that one of the thug security guards who intimidated We Are Change protesters during a demonstration outside the new WTC 7 and called in a false bomb threat to frame the group, was recently fired by Silverstein Properties.

Rudkowski is now seeking legal representation to explore a possible lawsuit against the security guard, who also threatened the activists with "30 days in the hole" as well as claiming their cell phones were guns and that the wires coming out of their bags were bombs.

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NYPD police later arrived to investigate the bomb threat but the protesters were left alone as it immediately became apparent that the security guard had made a hoax bomb report, a serious crime.

Such knowingly misleading and false information is not only malicious and immoral, but has been made specifically illegal under the Anti-Hoax Terrorism Act of 2003 and expanded for more stringency in 2004 and the Terrorism Prevention Act of 2006, not to mention long-standing protections against defamation and public endangerment. There are also many state and local laws prohibiting such activity.

Rudkowski is of the opinion that Silverstein Properties promptly fired the security guard in an attempt to offset potential litigation.




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