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Ron Paul Rides High In Polls After GOP Debate

Prison Planet
Friday, May 4, 2007 

Ron Paul is currently riding high in the polls after last night's GOP Presidential debate, jockeying for first position with Mitt Romney and ahead of both Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.

A major MSNBC poll currently has Paul at 30% approval, compared to Romney at 31%. McCain and Giuliani are at 21% and 27% respectively.

Here's a link to an earlier screenshot of the poll, showing Ron Paul at 47%.

Several readers tell us that Paul shot ahead in the early stages of the poll, and this is verified from an MSNBC news clip last night in which Keith Olbermann states Paul has received 39% of the vote.

Fox News claims that John McCain won the debate and that Romney also did well because he is "handsome" and spouted rhetoric about "God and country." Ron Paul is the only real candidate talking about real issues and he is also the only contender who is not completely bought and paid for by Neo-Con warmongers.

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