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When George W. Bush Had Alex Jones Arrested For Asking A Question
McGovern should count himself lucky that the thought police didn't put him in cuffs and kidnap him

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | May 5 2006

The public spectacle of former CIA analyst Ray McGovern almost being hauled out of a Rumsfeld speech for the thought crime of asking a question reminds us of the good old 'pre-9/11 mentality' days when George W. Bush had Alex Jones arrested and kidnapped by Texas police for the same offence.

During a 1998 Bush rally and speech at DuPont Photomask Facility, Alex asks the following question.

"Sir, shouldn't we abolish the Federal Reserve and the CFR? That's the real reality that none of you will talk about and most of you are members. That's what's destroying this country governor. Don't you stand for America sir? What about the Federal Reserve and the CFR?"

Alex is then grabbed by Texas police, taken outside and handcuffed. The cameraman is threatened as he films the entire incident. Afterwards, Alex was kidnapped and driven around for half an hour before being thrown out on the side of the road. All for the crime of asking a question!

Watch the video.

Ray McGovern should really count himself lucky that the speech Gestapo didn't yank him from the building and throw him in jail. That would certainly have met the approval of the hand picked Republican elite audience that cheered when the security thug approached him threateningly for having the nerve to ask Rumsfeld an unscripted question (watch the video below). One woman even reportedly punched a protester repeatedly for daring to demonstrate. If this is how Neo-Con bootlickers define freedom then the Iraqi 'liberation' - which has produced a human rights outcome worse than the situation under Saddam Hussein - has been a total success.

Anybody who asks questions that go off the pre-ordained script in any public forum is dragged out by the nearest security goon. Christopher Brodeur's May 2004 attempt to get Rudolph Giuliani to answer some real questions instead of the softball shill treatment he received from the 9/11 Commission resulted in his removal and arrest.

People are giving Rumsfeld credit for graciously allowing McGovern to remain in his presence when the thought police moved in to grab him. This wasn't a courageous act of tolerance of freedom of speech on the part of Rumsfeld, as it is being spinned by some sections of the media, but a face saving mechanism. Rumsfeld's first instinct was to have McGovern hauled away by the security goons and his is proven by the fact that Rumsfeld's shifts his eyes to the center back of the room as soon as McGovern begins to speak. The blue capped security thug that almost accosts McGovern is seen to return to the same spot in the room that Rumsfeld was looking towards in the video.

McGovern appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper show last night to further expose Rumsfeld for the liar he is.

Rumsfeld was so petrified that McGovern had displayed the temerity to go off script and ask him a real question that he immediately signaled to the security thug to have him removed. This gives an insight into how the elite manufacture their own world while protected in their ivory towers. All of Bush's town hall meetings are completely scripted but when one of his underlings goes on public display reality bites and it bites hard, as Dick Cheney found out when he was booed by 80% of a Washington Nationals crowd despite walking out on the pitch with three injured Iraq veterans.

During the exchange, Rumsfeld hypes the influence of Al-Zarqawi in Iraq in an attempt to link Al-Qaeda to Saddam Hussein. It is an admitted Pentagon propaganda campaign to exaggerate Al-Zarqawi's influence in Iraq, going to the lengths of faking letters supposedly from Al-Zarqawi and having the New York Times print them on the front page as if they are genuine.

Today's spin can be seen in an Associated Press headline, 'Rumsfeld Heckled by Former CIA Analyst'. They define a former Presidential briefer asking a serious question in a sober and rational manner as 'heckling'.

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