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Ex-Communist Official Accuses China Of Staging Violent Tibet Riots
Ming claims demonstrations radicalized to justify crackdown and force Dalai Lama to resign

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Monday, March 24, 2008

A former Chinese Communist Party official has accused China of staging violent riots in Tibet in order to demonize Tibetans in the eyes of the international community, justify a brutal paramilitary police crackdown and force the Dalai Lama to resign.

Ruan Ming, who was a speechwriter for top CCP officials during the 80's, now lives in Taiwan and serves as diplomatic advisor to President Chen Shui-bian. During his time in the Communist Party, Ming was admired by democracy activists as a reformer.

In an interview carried on the Epoch Times website, Ming warns that the Chinese government is orchestrating some of the more violent riots in an attempt to demonize peaceful Tibetans and justify a greater crackdown.

He blames the Chinese Communists for violence witnessed during the riots in Lhasa on March 10th and argues that a wider agenda is unfolding.

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"The CCP carefully staged the unrest in Tibet to deceive the world. Before the incident, the authorities drove away all foreign reporters and even forbade them from going out," said Ming.

"The demonstration on March 10 was meant to be peaceful. You can see from the pictures that the demonstration was all monks," he explained.

Mr. Ruan Ming was a speechwriter for former CCP General Secretary Hu Yaobang. (The Epoch Times)

"The CCP arrested some of these monks and killed them. The killing angered some young Tibetans. By March 14, the Tibetans could no longer stand the killing of innocent monks and protested."

"The CCP seized this opportunity and took pictures of these Tibetans in violent actions and sent out officers to do a door-to-door search, calling on the 'guilty' to surrender themselves," Ming concluded.

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By provoking the Tibetans into violence, China is orchestrating a "thorough plot with carefully designed propaganda," according to Ming, who says the ultimate goal is to force the Dalai Lama to resign and eventually categorize Tibetans as terrorists, leading to a brutal crackdown.

Images of rioting Tibetans setting fire to their own villages and killing other residents are seemingly inexplicable unless we consider the possibility that China has infiltrated agent provocateurs in order to radicalize the protests and demonize Tibetans in the eyes of the international community.

Such a ploy is common in the west, where legitimate peaceful protesters are given a bad name by infiltrators posing as anarchists who are in reality working for the authorities.

The most recent example occurred in Quebec Canada during an August 2007 SPP summit, where authorities were forced to admit that three rock-wielding mask-wearing "anarchists" were in fact police infiltrators gathering information on protesters and seemingly intent on provoking violent clashes in order to justify a police crackdown.



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