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Want To Watch The Game? Show Your ID
Big Brother invades British football, grooms citizens for national ID acceptance

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In another example of how Big Brother is enveloping all aspects of British society, Sheffield Wednesday football club are to become the first team in the country to demand their season ticket holders show a photo ID every time they enter the stadium to watch a game.

Allied with a new smoking ban that is set to be enforced next season and a scheme that encourages fans to report suspicious behavior and hate speech via text message during games, the club announced yesterday that fans will be forced to have their identity checked by the turnstile operator at each game in order to prevent supporters from sharing their season tickets by loaning them to friends or family when they are unable to attend a match. Bizarrely, the club added the proviso that season ticket holders can get a substitute ticket for their stub if they are unable to attend a game by "proving" their legitimate absence to employees at the club's ticket office.

The justification cited by the club in launching this new scheme is to prevent children from sharing their concessionary tickets with adults, allowing the adults to get in at cheaper prices than they would usually have to pay. But the upshot of introducing this highly unpopular measure will only lead to more supporters feeling alienated, treated like criminals, and being forced to go through unnecessary hassle simply to loan their season ticket to a friend or relative.

The club will lose supporters and lose money as a result of this scheme. Attendance figures will drop as a result of the outright ban on sharing season tickets, and supporters will be forced to "show their papers" as if the turnstile is a Nazi checkpoint.

What's next? Iris and fingerprint scans to prove we're not criminals before we enter the ground? Microchip tracking tags on our tickets to make sure we're sitting in the right seat? RFID chips were inserted into World Cup 2006 tickets and buyers were forced to provide their name, address, nationality, which team they support, bank details, birth date and passport number. Several Premiership clubs are already making their supporters scan RFID-tagged tickets before they enter the ground.

This is all social conditioning for a not so distant future in which people who refuse to take a national ID card will simply be refused access to the vast majority of social conveniences and entertainment, because scanning the card upon entry will be mandated.

It is important to explain to American readers that up until now Britain in comparison is far more lenient in terms of demanding identification for every single activity undertaken by the individual. When I visited America, the "land of the free," ID was demanded for everything, from buying a pack of cigarettes to renting a canoe. This is not the case in Britain, but the tide has rapidly turned over the last couple of years because Britons are being groomed for acceptance of the imminent national ID card.

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Problems of teenage alcoholism, social exclusion and identity fraud have been hyped by the government and media to pave the way for the re-introduction of the standardized ID document for the first time since the end of World War Two.

Why has Sheffield Wednesday FC chosen to undertake a scheme that was tried in the past, when supporters who traveled to away games were forced to use photo ID cards, but later had to be scrapped due to its overwhelming unpopularity?

A reader poll in the city newspaper, the Sheffield Star, which also today printed my letter of complaint that I sent to Sheffield Wednesday, revealed that 82% of supporters oppose the photo ID scheme.

As one Star respondent points out,

"With all that's happened over the last year with restrictions on seating, text message service, "get tough campaign" and now season ticket sharing restrictions, one must say, that the people responsible have lost the plot.

It seems to me there are people at the club who need to justify their inflated salaries.

You can imagine them sat in the control box, twiddling their thumbs and scratching their heads while looking through the latest Steward Wear catalogue."

Then, "Eureka," the Operations Manager yells.

Right lads, what about this one, a little gem, I might add. Season ticket restrictions, it's the future.

In the process of introducing a scheme that has proved overwhelmingly unpopular in the past and remains so today, and is a measure that will only drive more people away from attending games, Sheffield Wednesday FC are doing nothing than contributing to the expansion of a surveillance society that experts are now saying is putting our lives at risk.

Sheffield Wednesday FC need to heed the wishes of the people who pay their wages and scrap this big brother farce immediately!




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