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Liberal Kingpins Help Bush War Agenda
MoveOn.org, Pelosi, fake "progressive left" Neo-Cons in sheep's clothing

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Almost six months after the Democrats recaptured both Houses and political sleeping gas sent the "progressive" left off into dream world, establishment liberals like Nancy Pelosi and the MoveOn.org foundation continue to whore themselves in service of the Neo-Con war agenda and their Bush administration pimps.

While the media obsesses about the sideshow of the attorney firings "scandal," preparations for a war with Iran and the continued feeding of U.S. troops into the Iraq meat grinder continues with the utter and total complicity of kingpin Democrats and their phony advocacy groups.

An organized campaign to marginalize anti-war Democrats in Congress and force through the $124 billion wartime spending bill was employed not by Republican Neo-Cons, but by Nancy Pelosi and the so-called anti-war "progressive" MoveOn.org foundation!

Congress will vote on the bill this Thursday but Democrats who want to see troops withdrawn from the Iraq quagmire have been completely abandoned by the leadership of their own "opposition" party, with Pelosi determined to introduce an almost identical war chest bill in the unlikely event of the original draft failing to pass.

MoveOn.org, a liberal advocacy group that preaches anti-war sentiment on its website, issued an endorsement for the war bill on Monday, aligning its 3.3 million members with Bush's agenda to keep feeding U.S. troops, who now "want out," into the imperial meat grinder. Anti-war Democrats told The Politico that they were being aggressively pressured and threatened with funding denials unless they supported the war bill.

MoveOn.org: Anti-war or sleeping gas steam valve for naive liberals?

The backlash against MoveOn.org is already brewing.

"MoveOn put out a dishonest poll that did not offer its members a real choice to end the war, and now the peace movement is lobbying activists to reform MoveOn or drop off its list," said David Swanson, a board member of Progressive Democrats of America, said in an e-mail to The Politico. "I unsubscribed from MoveOn this morning."

Why would MoveOn.org, a supposed liberal organization that opposes the war, pressure anti-war Democrats to vote for a bill that will ensure the war rolls on? Because they are nothing more than a bought and paid for front organization for the elite that pose as an independent advocacy group yet act as nothing more than a steam valve for anti-war sentiment that has now enveloped the vast majority of the body politic.

Meanwhile, presidential hopefuls and MoveOn.org members Edwards and Obama continue to apologetically prostrate themselves in front of the vampires of AIPAC and the Israeli lobby, humble, submissive, and dutiful in accepting their orders to hound Iran into accepting either total subjection or facing complete annihilation.

They are merely following the lead of the poster girl for the counterfeit "progressives," Nancy Pelosi, who deliberately stripped the Iraq funding bill of a provision that would have required President Bush to seek congressional approval before launching any new war on Iran, a "disastrous misstep could haunt her and the Congress for years to come," according to John Nichols of The Nation.

But far from a "misstep," Pelosi's green light for Bush to open up another front in the empire is later attributed to "pressure from lobbyists associated with neoconservative groups that want war with Iran and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)."

Pelosi's duty to aid the Neo-Cons and Israel in further creaking open the gates of hell in the Middle East was made abundantly clear to her when, during a speech to AIPAC, she offered milquetoast criticism of the situation in Iraq and was met with a chorus of boos.

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"Pelosi gets booed by the Israeli lobby, then runs back to the Hill and gives Bush a blank check for war on Iran, because that is what the lobby demands," writes Pat Buchanan.

But Pelosi's compromised runs deeper than the obligatory obedience to the demands of the Israeli lobby, for it was she who also issued the talking points after the mid-term election in immediately declaring impeachment of Bush to be "off the table," a directive from party headquarters that was instantly parroted by Dean, Rangel and others.

Pelosi, MoveOn.org and their cheerleaders are nothing more than Neo-Cons in sheep's clothing and they are complicit in every act of imperial bloodletting - past, present and future. So too are the self-proclaimed "progressive" blogs and media outlets who claim to be anti-war and yet, Cindy Sheehan aside, have offered nothing but simpering platitudes for Pelosi and other Democrat shills, failing to hold accountable these cretins who have done nothing to reverse Bush's numerous assaults on the U.S. constitution and the perception of America in foreign lands.

One individual who isn't buying the fraud is Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, whose remarks at the Pentagon last week sublimely underline the creeping connivance of Pelosi, MoveOn.org and their ilk.

"Voting for Complicity"
Cynthia McKinney
Remarks in front of the Pentagon
March 17, 2007

Well, it seems that George Bush and Democratic Leaders were right.

They confidently told us that not only would Democrats fund the surge, but that the Democrats would not stop action in Iran, too.

Now, we are not surprised when the unelected, illegitimate Administration of George Bush ignores us, but we are shocked that the Democratic majority in Congress chose war over us as we say Bring our troops home now!

The answer is clear: Our country has been hijacked.

What about a livable wage for America's workers?
What about the right of return for Katrina survivors?
What about repealing the Patriot Act, the Secret Evidence Act, and the Military Tribunals Act?
Why is impeachment "off the table"?

Our country is bankrupt yet this institution, the Pentagon, has "lost" 2.3 trillion dollars!

I want that money back . . .

For jobs . . . for health care . . . for education . . . for our veterans!

The Democrats have become so timid they won't even repeal the Bush tax cuts as a strategy to deal with a bankrupt nation.

Seems the story is the same: more money for war, but we can't feed the poor.

It's hard to believe, but now the Democrats are full partners in George Bush's wars.

And by funding his wars, the Democratic Congress is explicitly complicit.

Complicit in war crimes!
Complicit in torture!
Complicit in crimes against humanity!
Complicit in crimes against peace!

The FBI spied on us;
Condoleezza, Dick, and George lied to us.

In 1957, Dr. King observed that "Both political parties have betrayed the cause of justice."

And so it must be repeated today.

Our beloved America is dividing again into two Americas. Our struggle is for nothing less than the soul of our country.

We want an America that is respected in the commonwealth of man; we want our values to shine like a beacon throughout the world.

As an American of conscience, I hereby declare my independence from every bomb dropped, every threat leveled, every civil liberties rollback, every child killed, every veteran maimed, every man tortured.

And I sadly declare my independence from the leaders who let it happen.

We will not stop. We will win. We will take our country back!



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