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MSM Attacks Charlie Sheen Over 9/11 Comments
Finally covers story, Neo-Cons start frothing at the mouth

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | March 23 2006

The mainstream media has finally seen fit to cover Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11with both the New York Post and the Boston Herald penning hit pieces that seek to smear Sheen as an unstable crackpot. Several smaller Neo-Con websites are also frothing at the mouth at the latest example of what they see as a Hollywood led 'vast left-wing conspiracy'.

On Monday Charlie Sheen appeared on the Alex Jones Show to go public on his serious doubts about the official story behind 9/11. Despite an early link on the Drudge Report which was quickly pulled, only the Defamer, a LA gossip rag picked up the story. Until today.

New York Post

The New York Post's popular and influential celebrity gossip 'Page Six' section ran with the story today and immediately castigated Sheen as a member of the tin foil hat wearing crowd.

"CHARLIE Sheen has joined the 9/11 gone-bonkers brigade," wrote the Post before quoting some of his statements from the interview.

If that's the case then the Post has just insulted half of its entire readership. A Zogby poll showed that half of New Yorkers believed the government were complicit in the attacks, a stretch that was not even made by Sheen in the interview, who was keen to stress that he didn't know who carried out the attacks, and 66% called for a new investigation. So in effect the Post has demonized two-third of its audience as demented nutcases, something they should perhaps consider in light of falling newspaper sales figures.

Boston Herald

The Herald immediately went for the yellow journalism tactic of attacking the messenger rather than the message, going for the throat of Sheen's personal life.

The Herald finished by quoting Sheen's call for an independent investigation and then stating, "Excuse us if we don’t exactly feel that Charlie’s the man for that job!"

If the Herald has bothered listening to the entire interview then they would have heard Sheen clearly state who he thought should carry out the investigation, retired political foreign nationals with no connections to the Bush administration. Not once did Sheen suggest he should be part of the investigative team, he was merely stating his informed opinion as a taxpaying American citizen, as again did 66% of New Yorkers who said the same thing.

It is quite obvious that the Herald did not listen to the interview and just copied and pasted the quotes over from the original Prison Planet article. This is proven by the fact that the Herald state, "Sheen pointed out that eyewitnesses recounted hearing what sounded like bombs and explosions coming from the basement levels of the buildings and discounted the theory that the damage to the towers’ lobbies was the result of fireballs traveling 110 feet down elevator shafts."

The 110 feet figure was a transcript error that we quickly fixed to the correct number of 1100 shortly after posting the article. The Herald obviously didn't hear the interview and just copied over the 110 feet figure from our original release.

Human Events

On the whole the Human Events piece was the most balanced, the bulk of it consisting of a elongated transcript of the interview. At least these guys, unlike those bastions of professionalism the Boston Herald, had bothered to listen to the interview.

"In an interview with Alex Jones this week, a liberal radio talk show host for GCN Radio Network, Sheen relived his thoughts and shared his theories on what happened that historic day four-and-a-half years ago," states the article.

Alex Jones a liberal? That one's going to keep us laughing all through the winter! Alex Jones cut his teeth bashing Bill Clinton and in his youth even campaigned for Republicans before waking up to the false left-right paradigm. Within 10 seconds of meeting Alex Jones anyone would know that he is not a liberal. But in the upside down world of neo-cons and neo-libs, where the drumbeat of state worship has flipped them over so many times that they aren't even sure of their own phony political labels, Alex Jones is a liberal.

If George W. Bush, an assault weapons ban supporting, amnesty loving, abortion supporting, biggest spender on federal government ever, faux cowboy from Kennebunkport Maine is a conservative then I guess we're all Hollywood liberals. In truth both Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen are real conservatives, adhering to the legacy of the founding fathers who advocated constant vigilance of government.

In addition, the headline, Hollywood Actor Charlie Sheen Calls 9/11 'Conspiracy Theory', is blatantly misleading. Sheen never said words to that effect throughout the entire interview.

Other Festering Neo-Cons

A smattering of smaller neo-con websites (compared to which Prison Planet.com gets four times as much traffic or more) gnashed their teeth at Sheen's comments, including one poster at RedState.com, an individual who said he lived in his own world called 'Matworld' - a place where Sheen's comments were not appreciated. Well we're in the real world, he can stay in 'Matworld', worshipping Bush for an hour a day and spending the rest of his time throwing his toys out of the pram eating expensive biscuits his mom bought.

In summary, pressure was brought to bear on the MSM government apologists and in the end they had to respond. The fatal flaw in their argument is that they are preaching to a disappearing choir. At least half of Americans are suspicious about 9/11 and want to see a new independent inquiry. Charlie Sheen is just one of those Americans.


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