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Another Iraq Trophy Video Exposes Coalition of the Killing
Troops finish off Iraqi and laugh

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | March 6 2006

Following the popularity of Friday's piece, we decided to highlight another Coalition of the Killing 'trophy video' that underscores the fact that US troops are not in Iraq to liberate Iraqis. A significant portion are there to imprison, enslave and randomly kill, and it's all by design.

Although this video is from the early days of the war, or turkey shoot to be more precise, it is timely to take another look. Click here to view the video, below is the transcript.

CROWLEY: Wounded, another Iraqi writhes on the ground next to his gun. The Marines kill him -- then cheer.



RIDDLE: Like, man, you guys are dead now, you know. But it was a good feeling.

RIDDLE: I mean, afterwards you're like, hell, yeah, that was awesome. Let's do it again.

As I stressed in the previous article, I am not for a moment suggesting that US troops should just lie down and be shot at. Of course it would be the reaction of any of us to defend ourselves. The problem is in the reaction of the troops and their orgasmic enjoyment of killing people.

Riddle's response is that he enjoys indiscriminately killing people and wants to do it as often as possible. Do we see this on army recruiting ads? Is this what 'defending America' is supposed to be about? Join the army, you get to kill as many people as you like and it's fun.

Are they just letting off some steam in a tense environment? Were Abu Ghraib prison guards who raped children just letting off some steam as Rush Limbaugh suggested. Where do we draw the line?

Should it be in the nature of so-called liberators to roam around with death skulls on their tanks and clothes breaking down into fits of wild debauchery and laughter as they randomly blow the heads off innocent Iraqi's driving their cars?

How would Americans react if Chinese or Russian troops invaded and occupied Houston and started indiscriminately mowing down women and children? A war would ensue.

Which is exactly what has happened in Iraq but as a result of staged acts of provocation like the Mosque bombing, Iraqis have turned on each other and the country is in the throes of a civil war.

This was the plan all along. Strategy documents dating back to the eighties betray the goals of the Israelis and the Neo-Cons to initiate a program of ethnic cleansing to keep the Arabs at each other's throats so to enable complete Israeli and US domination of the Middle East.

That agenda was again underscored recently when Daniel Pipes, a highly influential Straussian Neo-Con media darling, who told the New York Sun that a civil war would aid the US and Israel because it would entangle Iran and Syria and enable those countries to be picked off by the new world empire without the need to sell a direct invasion to the public.

The trophy videos only fuel the anger of Iraqis and thus help sink the country further into the quagmire that it was always designed to be.

Listed below are past 'trophy videos' that represent the true nature of what is taking place in Iraq.

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