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War, Never Been So Much Fun!
New video shows US troops laughing at slaughter and carnage

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | March 4 2006

Introducing a brand new Spring blockbuster from the people who brought you Abu Ghraib. It's the Coalition of the Killing's new 'liberation' video and it's set to put Syriana and Brokeback Mountain to shame at the Oscars.

Watch in delight as some unknown terrorists/insurgents/freedom fighters/Iraqis/women/children delete where necessary get indiscriminately maimed by war on terror inc.

Sure, this is war but it's also a damn good laugh.

"Hell yeah bitches," screams one psycho as he audibly orgasms as the scene of carnage before him.

"I got all that shit on camera."

Click here to watch the video.

And you can sit back in your easy chair with a six pack indignant that those dirty raghead Ayyyraabs got what they deserved.

Yes they have a right to shoot back if someone is attacking them but you don't revel in it and cackle like a demented serial killer. This isn't a computer game. Our avid film maker seems to think it's a snuff movie.

We have to remember that as their third rate body armor gets rained on by DU, 79% of the troops want to come home, one in ten has developed post traumatic stress disorder and several have literally gone insane and slaughtered members of their own family upon return.

Feel free to get some popcorn and take a look at past examples of instant liberation carefully captured on home video, such as,

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