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Suspicion Surrounds Governor's Mansion Fire
News station questions how blaze that gutted 152-year-old building could have been started under watchful eye of surveillance cameras and DPS troopers

Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson

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Monday, June 9, 2008
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A fire that gutted the Governor's mansion in Austin Texas on Sunday morning has been confirmed as arson and authorities are studying evidence to help finger the perpetrator. Could the culprit turn out to be a 9/11 truther or anti-war demonstrator and conveniently give police the excuse to create a no-protest lockdown zone around a location that has become popular for demonstrations?

“We still have evidence that we collected on the scene that indicates this is an intentionally set fire,” State Fire Marshal Paul Maldonado told the Dallas Morning News, though it was also reported that there was "no evidence that the fire was politically motivated".

Having personally visited and held demonstrations in the vicinity of the building on many occasions, Alex Jones remarked that security is water tight, and that individuals are approached and questioned as soon as they get near the building by Austin police.

For someone to have started a fire both inside and at the entrance of the building, as some reports indicate, is virtually impossible according to Jones.

On his nationally syndicated radio show today Jones speculated that the fire could have been staged as an excuse to crackdown on Austin's vociferously active freedom movement.

Local Austin news station KXAN has also noted suspicion expressed by many who "are wondering how someone successfully started the fire under the watchful eye of surveillance cameras as well as DPS troopers."

"Maldonado said authorities do not know where the fire started. DPS Troopers were on scene guarding the property when the fire started, according to Capt. Paul Schulze of the DPS. Schulze would not elaborate on the number of troopers guarding the property, citing the governor's security measures," according to the report.

Officials have indicated that surveillance tapes show just one person starting the fire but are investigating whether others were involved.

Federal agents from the BATF have arrived on the scene to investigate and it remains to be seen whether the identity of the perpetrator will be exploited as part of a stunt to turn the heat up on Austin's strong anti-new world order patriot community.


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