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Cowboy UK Police Shoot Another Unknown 'Terror Suspect'
De Menezes lessons not learned, again proves shoot first, ask questions later policy still active

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | June 2 2006

Today's news that British police almost killed another unnamed alleged "terror suspect" in London under the shoot first, ask questions later policy proves that the lessons of the brutal murder of Charles De Menezes have been completely discarded.

Police raided the family home, a family described as "respectable and "nice people" by neighbors, in the middle of the night and shot a 23-year-old man in the shoulder.

If the bullet had been three inches higher this would have been 'De Menezes 2' and another unprovoked targeted assassination by London Metropolitan Police.

As per usual, the identity of the suspects and the nature of their alleged crime is completely unknown at this time.

Maybe their crime was to own a vehicle or a house, two of the benchmarks of terrorism according to the Metropolitan police, who launched a poster campaign to encourage Londoners to report on their neighbors.

We are expected to place our trust in the reasoning of the same people who chased and gunned down Charles De Menezes, a completely innocent man who didn't even show signs of suspicious behavior, shortly after the London bombings last year.

Occasional 'terror raids' in which anonymous people are snatched in the middle of the night and disappeared create a chilling effect that Blair's government needs to stem the tide of dissent.

Police battered down the door at 6am and ripped apart a Reading landlady's home because a Pakistani suspect they were looking for had once rented a room from her.

New glorification of terrorism legislation is so broadly and loosely defined that this writer could be vanished by the thought police for disagreeing with the government's version of events for an event like the 7/7 bombings.

Only seventeen of the 700 plus individuals grabbed from their own homes have ever been charged with a terrorist offence under the 2000 Terrorism Act yet the endless 'terror raids' are inflated and characterized by the media as proof that Britain is under constant threat and that evil terrorists are lurking in people's neighborhoods.

In March, the Association of Chief Police Officers in Britain concluded in its inquiry that the shoot to kill policy which was carried out in the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes was acceptable and should not be altered. Since de Menezes' behavior gave no sign whatsoever that he was a potential suicide bomber, this was a strong statement of intent.

What is the message being sent?

We are the bosses, we are in control. We can carry out targeted assassinations on British soil and there's not a damn thing you can do about it apart from sit down and shut up. Otherwise you just might become the next target of her Majesty's secret death squad.

We will wait to discover what dastardly deed these dangerous terrorists were planning, and if it was similar in nature to the fearsome plan to bomb Manchester United's football ground or the fabled plot to poison the underground with Ricin.

Both these schemes were of course completely dreamed up creations of British intelligence and Tony Blair's government, released at politically opportune times to scare the British public into supporting wars and selling their own freedom down the river.



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