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Hopeless, Incompetent, Laughable, Finally The Truth About "Terror"
Former Scotland Yard detective dismisses "car bombings" as nothing more than a bonfire, but hysteria proves the terrorists have already won

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A TV talking head has finally characterized last week's non-events in Britain for what they were, in the face of a blitz of frenzied hype, hysterics and fearmongering from the government and media, former Scotland Yard detective John O'Connor described the botched attacks as "hopeless," "incompetent" "almost laughable," and amounting to nothing more than a bonfire.

Watch the video below.

"This was a hopeless, incompetent terrorist attack, I mean when you see the ludicrous situation when none of the bombs were able to be detonated and these guys are then trying to set fire to petrol," O'Connor told CNN.

"All they got was a bonfire, they set fire to fuel - well that in its own way is not going to detonate the gas cylinders and it's not going to cause an explosion - it was just a fire, I mean that is so incompetent as to be almost laughable."

O'Connor also insisted that the perpetrators of the attack should be referred to as "jihadists" rather than Al-Qaeda, which is what the frothing media hurriedly declared them to be just hours after the dud "bombs" were discovered in London.

Others have been less sympathetic, labeling the goons who attempted to ram a Jeep into an airport terminal in Glasgow as "Beavis and Butthead" or, as Register writer Lewis Page, a former armed forces bomb-disposal operator, calls them, "Krazy Klown jihadis" who were engaged in "slapstick idiocy".

"These have to be some of the most pathetic terror attacks ever," writes Page, "difficult to distinguish from minor accidents. For goodness' sake, a car is full of petrol anyway; and gas cylinders too often enough. People drive cylinders of gas around all the time. Now and again - oh my god! - they probably carry boxes of nails, bolts, tools or whatever in the same vehicle. (Aiee!)"

"This kind of event happens on the motorways almost every day, at least the petrol fires and often enough with the other hazards added. The roads get closed off as a result, sometimes for hours - just like the Haymarket did on Friday morning. It causes massive inconvenience to lots and lots of people."

"But the perimeter is manned by firemen and traffic cops, not bomb teams and terror-feds. And so this weekend a minor news story - one injured in bunt-out car / suicide attempt causes travel chaos - becomes a big international media frenzy, a "test of the new Prime Minister's mettle," if you please."

The hysteria continued in the UK today after Stansted Airport was temporarily shut down following the discovery of an unattended bag whose owner had presumably deserted it to visit the toilet.

And a new level of absurdity was reached when authorities decided to carry out controlled explosions on a car that was parked outside a Glasgow Mosque last night - no dangerous materials were found in the vehicle. Because obviously one of the primary targets for Muslim terrorists are Muslim Mosques!

While in America, pipe bombs at a Disney theme park that blew off doors later turned out to be firecrackers in a trash can that fizzed and spluttered.

Now every discarded pack of sandwiches is a potentially "suspicious device" as Britain cowers in fear of the next terrorist atrocity - who knows, maybe they'll set off a firework or knock over a stack of bean cans in the supermarket.

While the majority of Brits are more interested in putting up shelves than some retards setting fire to a car, the media has deserted common sense for good and welcomed another opportunity to terrify the public, providing terror where there was none and thereby facilitating the amateur jihadist's agenda by hyping a peril that simply doesn't exist.

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News anchors devour every breaking detail about the dastardly doctor bombers while an endless loop of Beavis and Butthead's car crash dominates the background, blown up and overpixelated in a desperate ploy to beef up its significance. They also revel in yet another excuse to show burly cops with machine guns, the enforcers ordering people around, searching cars and demanding complete compliance.

The reality is that accident causing deer, peanut allergies and swimming pools are all more likely to seal your fate than a terrorist attack.

As Ohio State University's John Mueller concludes in a report entitled A False Sense Of Insecurity, "For all the attention it evokes, terrorism actually causes rather little damage and the likelihood that any individual will become a victim in most places is microscopic."

But the sensationalist media, the power hungry government and the bottom line fretting "experts" who head up profitable anti-terror companies all need to feed the beast and they'll exploit every morsel on offer.

Terrorism can only be effective if the relatively minor acts of violence that are perpetrated are given false prominence and artificially inflated to the point where the dread of what's coming next fundamentally alters the way we go about our lives, travel, commerce, and the way we treat others, until we ultimately acquiesce to the terrorist's goal - relinquishing our freedoms and living in fear.

Since that is the very definition of terrorism, recent events only confirm that the terrorists have already won and that their victory was secured with the enthusiastic support of the government and the media.



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