Hollywood: Pushing Global Warming Down Your Throat

Michael van der Galien
Big Hollywood
Monday, Jan 12, 2009

One of Hollywood’s main heroes today is former Vice President Al Gore due to the success of his film “An Inconvenient Truth.” In this documentary, Gore tries to explain to the public that man-made global warming is real and that something has to change if we want to undo the damage we cause to this wonderful planet which would have been so much more wonderful if only those pesky humans lived on, say, Mars.

Since the above is a message Hollywood can believe in, liberal actors and directors (but I am repeating myself) jumped on the bandwagon and repeated it whenever possible. See for instance the $80 million remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” starring Keanu Reeves. Sci-Fi fans like myself will be happy to know that watching this movie is like listening to Barbara Streisand (or Jane Fonda) give a a political speech. The original movie may have been great, the remake is nothing but Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” poured in a sci-fi jacket.

Blogger Brian Kane did quite a good job summarizing and interpreting the movie: Reeves is the main character, who believes that earth would be better off without human beings due to the destruction they cause to the environment. The solution, then, is simple; wipe out all human life, let the other life forms take over. It is a message even Greenpeace knows better than to repeat publicly.


Since human beings would rather not be killed they try to convince Reeves to revise his plans. Isn’t there a way for all of us to get along? Can’t we change? Reeves is at long last convinced by a liberal professor (need I comment?) who, although intellectually inferior to the almighty and all-understanding Reeves, convinces him nonetheless that humans “can change!” Reeves decides to give human beings another change, but not before forcing them to adopt a more environmental-conscious lifestyle. This means that much of our present technology does not work; one wonders why it is that Hollywood’s war on technology seldom is not, for some reason, applicable on televisions; perhaps because we will always “need” Hollywood?

With movies like “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” Hollywood tries to rather obviously influence the American public; but it is not merely influencing Americans. Foreigners too watch Hollywood movies, and they have about the same impact and influence - arguably even more - down here in Europe than in the U.S.

Let me explain: depicting English-speaking peoples in a movie as too egotistical to take care of the planet, thereby possibly bringing destruction on all of us, confirms the anti-American image spouted by Europe’s anti-Americans for decades.

Americans are selfish. They do not care about anyone but their own instant satisfaction. The latest example or proof of this is global warming; we all ‘know’ it is man-made, except for those silly and egotistical Americans who would rather destroy us all than switch on the lights a little less often (or use light bulbs that use less energy). You know the drill.

“The Day the Earth Stood Still” (and many other movies) confirm this negative, anti-American image of America, which has already had a tremendous impact on Europe; ironically, Hollywood has done more to spread Anti-Americanism and make it socially acceptable, than most non-American America-haters. The more Hollywood repeats this message, the more anti-Americanism will increase here, and the more popular outspoken anti-American movies will be. Hollywood is not merely pushing global warming down your, and our, throat, it also often paints and spreads a highly negative picture of America and Americans. A picture deemed realistic by most foreigners who have little to no contact with ‘real’ Americans.

Perhaps Hollywood could, every once in a while, portray Americans as normal people who care just as much about the rest of mankind as the rest of us. Of course it will have to approach issues such as global warming in a fairer and more objective manner in order to do so. As a man much smarter than I once said: keep hope alive!


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