Where did all the US Currency Go? Have you Asked Your Government Official? U.S Is Bankrupt

The Coming Depression
Monday, Jan 12, 2009

According to the US Federal Reserve (OWNERS of the FED HERE)

( A Private Company) 900 BILLION in currency exists in this world today. Thats only about $3000 for every man woman and child in the US. Banks do NOT hold CASH. ( you and 10 of your friends go to the bank and ask for $2000 each, see what happens.) All the money is outside of the US. That's 1/2 outside of the country.! 450 billion. The other 450 BILLION is in drug dealing, the underground economy, and cash in mattresses etc. plus $1500 in your pocket.

Now the US owes over 10 trillion dollars ( so the government states) but probably in excess of 57 TRILLION Dollars. If we only have 900 BILLION dollars in CURRENCY how can the Government state that we owe 10 trillion?


How can every man woman and child allow the "Government" to create money that doesn't exist and SAY NOTHING? How can the OBAMA/BUSH camp create 700 Billion fake air filled dollars and distribute it to the criminal corporations to enjoy at will? That would make MINUS 250 billion dollars left in the US! Did the printing presses of the Federal Reserve start up without anyone knowing, including the printer? Are we all this STUPID? How long will this Private Company, THE FEDERAL RESERVE, click on their computer to create fake air filled dollars to keep the economy afloat? What will happen to INFLATION? We are all going to be NEW BILLIONAIRES within 2 years or less. The FEDS just keep on "clicking" at will, without intervention. "If you and I run a Ponzi scheme, we get labelled as fraudsters. But when the government runs a Ponzi scheme, it is said to be financing a deficit."

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