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New Hampshire Recount Delay Stokes Suspicions
Officials attempted to impose recess, reversed decision when challenged

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Monday, January 28, 2008


Attempts to delay the New Hampshire Republican recount are provoking some to suspect state officials are engaging in chicanery in a ploy to scupper the entire process and derail the recount, ensuring it goes the same way as its Democratic equivalent did last week.

Republican candidate Albert Howard, who has been the driving force behind the recount, was told by officials that the recount would be suspended for two days during Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

No justification has been offered for suspending the recount, which was already delayed for two weeks after the initial primary took place.

In a letter, Howard slammed New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner and objected to any delay in the recount.

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"The nation is in the early stages of the 2008 Presidential electoral process. The performance of the machines used in New Hampshire is of vital importance. The sooner the results are known and available to the People and to other units of government charged with conducting Primaries and General Elections, the better for the nation," writes Howard.

According to Bev Harris, following Howard's complaint there will now be no recess in the recount and it will continue as normal, but this has not been confirmed by state officials.

The attempt to hold up the recount by state officials and their apparent reversal when it was challenged is causing many to view the whole process with increasing suspicion.

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"There's no question the office of the Secretary of State does not want the light shined on their ability to conduct fair and impartial elections. However, what they've done is patently un-American and they should be ashamed of themselves," writes Devvy Kidd, who has been tracking the issue.

"These public servants have NO right to cheat the people of New Hampshire on this recount, but that's exactly what all this stalling and jumping through hoops has been about. As I said above, this delay has crippled the people's right to challenge the vote in other states and if this isn't resolved this week, the fraud will continue and Ron Paul's run will have been for nothing, cheated by electronic voting/counting machines and career bureau-rats," she concludes.

The delay in the New Hampshire recount follows the decision on behalf of the Ron Paul presidential campaign to file a complaint with the Louisiana state GOP highlighting "problems and inconsistencies in Louisiana's process of choosing delegates".



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