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Ron Paul Predicts Giuliani Dropout
Presidential candidate hails 2nd place in Nevada, encourages donations on MLK day, "there is no stopping us"

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Monday, January 21, 2008


Congressman Ron Paul hailed his second place in Nevada, letting the establishment media who have tried to censor his message know that "there is no stopping us" as he encouraged supporters to donate to his campaign coffers on Martin Luther King day and predicted that former frontrunner Rudy Giuliani would soon drop out of the Republican contest.

In a message to supporters posted on his website, the Texas Congressman listed the names who would be competing for the nomination, with one notable absentee - former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Paul has beaten Giuliani in four out of five Republican primaries after the two clashed on several occasions during the early debates last year.

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"Most of the mainstream media continue to pretend that we do not exist," reads Paul's statement. "Yet soon the race will be down to four candidates-Romney, McCain, Huckabee, and me, and there is no stopping us, as Tim Russert grudgingly pointed out the other night. Thanks to you, we are in this all the way through a brokered convention."

Most political analysts agree that Giuliani is doomed unless he wins Florida by a healthy margin, having poured nearly all his efforts into the state at the expense of other primaries.

Current polls in Florida show John McCain holds a three per cent lead over Giuliani with Romney and Huckabee close behind.

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Congressman Paul used the rest of his statement to draw attention to today's money bomb donation drive which coincides with the national celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday.

"The whole world is watching how we do in fundraising, on a day dedicated to the memory of Martin
Luther King, the great champion of non-violence at home," said Paul.

"We can't let this movement be stopped, nor slowed. I promise you that I will continue to pour all my heart and mind and strength into the battle," he concluded.

Supporters are urged to donate online at https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/.



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