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Attack Dogs Will Seize Upon MLK Fundraising Total
Because the establishment media only dare give Paul negative attention

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Monday, January 21, 2008


Just as the establishment were petrified of Martin Luther King's influence when he began to speak out against Vietnam, the media only dare give Congressman Ron Paul any attention when it's to viciously attack and smear him, which is why the debunkers will be out in force tomorrow when the latest "money bomb" doesn't rival previous record breaking totals.

The MLK day money bomb has already raised a healthy $1 million as of early Monday evening - more than any other presidential candidate will make today - but a final total of $2 million or more will undoubtedly lead to more hit pieces and empty proclamations that the Ron Paul Revolution has been derailed.

The debunkers won't concede that there is a legal limit that any one individual can donate to a political candidate, nor will they even mention the record-breaking success of Paul's December 16th Boston Tea Party donation drive which raked in $7 million dollars.

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Indeed, these are the same kind of establishment peanut gallery hacks that derided the $7 million haul as an "abject failure" despite the fact that it was the biggest single-day donation amount in political history, beating John Kerry's $5.7 million record.

Anyone who has maintained a peripheral interest in the Ron Paul campaign knows that there has been a near-year long campaign of censorship, suppression and most recently smear directed against the Congressman from nearly all corners of the mainstream press, both online and traditional.

Perhaps the most blatant act of deliberate denial of Paul's popularity occurred this weekend when Fox News pretended that John McCain had come second in the Nevada caucus when Ron Paul had in fact received hundreds more votes. We've seen example after example of similar behavior, sweeping aside glib dismissals that these things are mere "human error".

The reality that a literal PR war has been launched in a crass effort to stifle burgeoning support for Paul is self-evident and self-righteous scoffing hit pieces about "a measly $2 million" are probably already being prepared as you read this.

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The truth is that without million of dollars in backhanders from Chinese criminal networks and corrupt lobbyists, the establishment candidates would barely have enough cash in the coffers to fill the campaign bus with gas to get to the next primary.

Ron Paul's support - $4 million here, $7 million here, $2 million there, comes from real working and middle class Americans who are so fed up of the lies, the trillion dollar wars, and the devaluing dollar, that they are fully prepared to give up what's left of their meager savings in order to change the status quo that has left them broke and hopeless.

So let these Neo-Con, Neo-Lib, anti-American scumbags revile Paul, persecute Paul and say all manner of things against him, because no matter how many hit pieces they froth, and no matter what happens in this election, the sands are shifting, and the attitude that the Ron Paul Revolution has stoked across America will reverberate for generations to come.

As the Congressman himself says, there is no stopping us now!



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