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Kucinich: Surprise Hillary Victory A "Mystery That Needs To Be Solved"
Congressman leads charge for a recount, says we may be on the threshold of an amazing discovery about how primary was conducted

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Friday, January 11, 2008


Congressman Kucinich stated today that the huge disparity which Hillary Clinton overturned to defeat Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary was a "mystery that needs to be solved" as he leads the charge for a recount to ascertain exactly how the pollsters could have got it so wrong, or if vote fraud took place.

Clinton reversed a huge deficit of around 13 points to claim victory in what many are calling a suspicious outcome, especially as 7% of that swing came with the aid of electronic voting machines.

"The disparities between the poll results that were announced the day before the election, the day of the election, and what we are told were the actual returns indicate that there's either something seriously wrong with the polling firms that are collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the election results were reflective of the vote, or there was something wrong with the election results and that the polls were correct," Kucinich told the Alex Jones Show today.

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Kucinich stressed that he was asking for a recount not for his own benefit because it was unlikely to change his ranking, but for the purposes of maintaining the integrity of the electoral system.

The Congressman added that concerns about votes not being counted for certain candidates (Ron Paul) as well as allegations of electronic voting machine fraud were not going away and needed to be addressed with a recount.

"That is not to say that it's going to dispose of all the issues here - it's not - because there are issues that relate to the technology itself, to the transparency of the technology, to how these things are programmed," he added, underscoring his wish for electronic voting machines in federal elections to be eliminated altogether in favor of a paper ballot.

"We better do this right now because if it's not straightened out in the primary and no one challenges it, what are we to expect in a general election," said Kucinich.

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Kucinich agreed that corporate media claims that Hillary won because voters lied to pollsters were asinine and that people had no vested interest in lying about who they were going to vote for.

The Congressman expressed hope that a recount would, "Cause the American people to redeem their faith in the process that right now is at risk when you have conditions where there is such a disparity."

Kucinich said that, "We may be on the threshold of an amazing, important discovery with respect to how our first primary was conducted."

Kucinich is encouraging people to donate to a fundraising kitty in order to raise enough money to pay for the recount. You can do so at http://dennis4president.com.

He is also supporting efforts on the Republican side to mandate a recount after votes for Ron Paul were not counted in the town of Sutton.

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