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Paul Campaign Manager Urges Boycott Of Fox News Sponsors
Snyder slams decision to exclude Congessman from presidential forum as "insult, slap in the face"

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign manager Kent Snyder has slammed Fox News' decision to bar the Congressman from a live televised January 6 forum as "an insult" and has urged supporters to boycott Fox sponsors if they follow through on their promise to exclude Dr. Paul.

Speaking on The Alex Jones Show, Snyder described Fox News' excuse for not inviting the Congressman, that they don't have enough room, as "lame".

"I can't imagine Fox News not having enough room in a studio for another participant so that's just lame and it just goes to show exactly what they are doing, they don't have any any more legitimate or rational excuse than that," he said.

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"It's unfortunate and that's being kind," said Snyder, "We definitely think Dr. Paul should be included because of his historic fundraising, interest in his campaign is growing by the day," he added.

Snyder said that if things went went for Paul in Iowa today then Fox News would be forced to include Paul in the forum, adding that the decision to bar him was a slap in the face, an insult, and a deliberate attempt to squelch the momentum of the freedom movement, but cautioned that the campaign and its supporters "were not going away" as the establishment wished they would.

The forum takes place just two days before the watershed New Hampshire Primary.

Paul has been excluded from many major online polls in the last few months and was also initially blocked from attending a Republican presidential forum in Des Moines Iowa in June.

Snyder agreed that people should boycott Fox News' sponsors if Paul is indeed blocked from participating in the presidential forum.

"I think boycotts are always effective in a lot of different situations and that's something that the individual consumer can do and I would encourage them to express their disappointment and anger in that way," said Snyder.

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