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U.S. Smart Bombs Pave Way For Somali Dictatorship
Peace and prosperity in East African nation become latest victim of "war on terror," but who cares when a new season of American Idol is about to begin? Certainly not the U.S. media

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

International gangsters, tinpot dictators and genocidal megalomaniacs worldwide should take note - if you want to topple a democratically elected government and subjugate, indenture and abuse a population, just give the White House a call. For the right price, they'll be happy to lend a hand and a few smart bombs. Just make the check out in the name of "The War On Terror."

That's right - the "global struggle against the enemies of freedom" has claimed another scalp - freedom in Somalia.

As we reported last week, as a direct consequence of the multiple air strikes inflicted upon the East African country, supposedly in the name of killing Al-Qaeda operatives, the Bush administration has ensured a return to power for the savage warlords that were behind the "Black Hawk down" fiasco in 1993 where U.S. troops were killed and dragged through the streets in celebration.

It is an open secret in Washington," writes Eric Margolis, "That the Somalia operation is to be the Bush/Cheney Administration’s new model for war against recalcitrant Muslims. The White House failed to convince India or Pakistan to rent their troops for occupation duty in Iraq, but it has succeeded in using Ethiopia’s army in Somalia. Ethiopia’s repressive regime was only too happy to invade Somalia and received large infusions of aid from Washington. The Administration is duplicating the British Empire’s wide scale use of native troops(`sepoys’ in India; `askaris’ in East Africa) in colonial wars."

The Islamist coalition government had brought stability to Somalia for the first time in fifteen years. Peace and prosperity abounded and women were able to walk the streets without fear for the first time. Schools, clinics and hospitals began to re-open. This being wholly unacceptable to imperial neo-fascist international crime syndicate, air strikes were immediately ordered and the path was blown clear for Ethiopian troops and a menagerie of brutal thugs to re-occupy the country and declare martial law.

Under the justification of "enforcing security," the U.S. backed brutes have banned any type of protest or demonstration, shut down the media and imposed curfews - say goodbye to your hard earned freedom, you've just been liberated by War on Terror Inc.

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Ethiopian troops do this Somali "a good turn" as the L.A. Times would have it, by forcing him to kneel on the ground while pointing guns at him and rummaging through his possessions.

Somalia's four major media outlets have today been summoned to the occupation's "national security agency" and will be told that they better get on board with the new agenda and quickly otherwise consequences will be drastic. Perhaps the new bosses will cut through all that annoying red tape and just start assassinating editors and reporters, taking a cue from that other great "democratized" nation - Iraq.

And just like Iraq a bloody Somali insurgency is starting to stir as a result of the illegal U.S. backed overthrow of a government elected by the people. The Bush administration has just created another outraged population that hates America.

To rub more salt in the wounds, the alleged Al-Qaeda members that were targeted in the air strikes, if they ever existed in the first place, escaped, leaving “herdsmen … gathered with their animals around large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes” the victims of the slaughter. Hundreds others were wounded or killed, but the U.S. media quickly dropped all interest in events, preferring instead to obsess about the end of the NFL season and speculate on whether Borat would win a Golden Globe.

So the Bush administration bombed a bunch of goat herders and helped dictators enslave a population in some far off country in our name to protect their oil interests. We can trust the American media to bravely take them to task then can't we? Unfortunately not. The L.A. times today thanks the Ethiopians and warlords for doing Somalis "a good turn" by invading their country, pointing guns at them, shutting down their media and declaring martial law. A good turn indeed!

But who cares about what happens on another continent? The new season of American Idol is about to start and O.J. Simpson is shopping a new book about his life with Nicole.

Don't worry, when the "War on Terror" makes its next stop in Iran, you can be secure in the assumption that the U.S. media will find enough time and column inches to both salute and support the bloodshed while not forgetting to keep us informed on the vital issue of Donald Trump calling Madonna a "fat loser."




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