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How Long Before "Community Service" Is Mandatory?
Creeping fascism and the most annoying phone call ever

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, February 12, 2007

What's the most annoying phone call you can receive? Double glazing? Cellphone pitches? You could have won $50,000 - phone this number to find out? Wrong. The most annoying and intrusive interruption to your day is from so-called charitable organizations who use psychological bullying in an attempt to make you their indentured slave.

Indulge me in this rant but I think it's an example of a wider issue - the creeping fascism that is mandatory community service.

This morning I received a phone call from a charity called Help the Aged. The woman on the other end informed me that the charity needed someone to collect money from my local area, put it in a package and send it out to them.

I politefully informed her that I work extremely long hours and have very little spare time and that I wouldn't be interested. I expected this to be the end of the phone call - it was not.

This simpering do-gooder began to question me about what I did on weekends and immediately it became clear to me that, like a rabid little jack russell dog, she wasn't going to let go until she had her way. Her job was to emotionally blackmail me into thinking I was a bad person unless I sacrificed the shreds of my spare time in the service of collecting money for a charity that I would later find out funds dubious programs that have nothing to do with helping old people.

I again politefully informed her that on the very same street that I live there are several retired yet able-bodied and active persons who would be happy to do the work and have all the spare time in the world. The simpering do-gooder remained undeterred.

"Well this one doesn't involve leaving the house," she sneered, as she implored me to sell raffle tickets to family and friends.

Having had enough of this little bitch dog gnawing at my ankle, I related how I had donated six large bags full of clothes, all in excellent condition and several that were never even worn, to the same charity she represented - and hung up.

The only way I was going to escape being psychologically coerced into being in the employ of these people was to immediately end the phone call, but the whole affair still left a decidedly unpleasant aftertaste.

I immediately wished I had gone on the offensive and savaged her attempted manipulation of my guilt for what it was - an intrusive, bullying and overbearing effort to enlist me in the conscription of community service.

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Help the Aged's website states that the primary bulk of its income goes not to heating a poor old lady's house in the depths of winter while they are getting financially raped by the fat cat gas and electricity companies, instead it goes to "Commissioned research - chosen by the Charity to provide answers to specific policy research questions in areas such as crime, transport and health matters."

So by doing work for these people I could potentially be empowering the very big brother surveillance grid that I vehemently oppose. In addition, Help the Aged is in partnership with British Gas, which until recently when they were forced to drop their prices, have run record profits at the expense of tens of thousands of OAP's (old age pensioners), who have died from being unable to heat their homes during winter.

Teaming up with the very corporate looters whose policies have killed thousands of OAP's - hardly helping the aged is it?

How long will it be until a refusal to perform such services "for the greater good of the community," becomes a criminal offence? We're already seeing a pretext being set for this via the global warming circus.

The EU's new environmental laws apply right down to the individual and include picking wild flowers as a criminal offence.

On the streets of Britain, local councils employ snoop squads to follow people around who drop litter. An immediate £50 fine is issued and the enforcers frog march the victim to the nearest cash machine. If the fine cannot be immediately paid, police are called. A Suffolk teenager who had received awards for recycling was slapped with such a fine after throwing a chip (french fry) to a hungry seagull.

Our trash wheely bins are being fitted with RFID microchips to monitor the amount and type of trash we throw away. Owners will be hit with extra charges depending on the weight of the trash they throw away. In many areas of the UK, recycling is now mandatory, with jail time for refusniks and also prosecutions for accidentally putting recyclable items in the wrong container.

In California, a lawmaker wants to make it a criminal offence to own conventional lightbulbs by 2012.

In the U.S., draft bills circulating Congress call for mandatory domestic service in the interests of the Homeland to be performed by all able citizens.

The creeping fascism of mandatory community service by means of waste disposal, recycling, and service to charity or local government is part of the agenda to build a prison planet where the right to be left alone is completely obliterated.




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