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Media Fearmongering Links Letter Bomber to Big Brother Critics, Tax Protesters
Groups opposed to tracking and surveillance demonized as Blair's cash for honors scandal disappears off front pages, fearmongering spreads to make people nervous about looking in their private home letter box, secret Downing Street memo called for police postal scans

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A third UK company that oversees Big Brother tracking and taxation policies has been targeted in a letter bombing campaign that has only succeeded in demonizing privacy and personal freedom advocates, while also wiping Tony Blair's cash for honors scandal off the front pages. British media outlets are busy trying to link the letter bomber to anti-surveillance and tax protest groups.

For years we have been predicting that attacks on Big Brother institutions would be blamed on extremists who are angered by rapidly expanding surveillance and taxation and used to demonize organizations that legitimately oppose government encroachment on privacy.

The individual or group responsible for these attacks, if the whole thing isn't an orchestrated set-up run by the government itself, needs to cease and desist immediately. Their actions betray a stupidity unparalleled. How on earth are a few letter bombs going to change a decades entrenched policy of increased control over our personal lives, feverishly undertaken by a government that exploits or manufactures every terror alert to fuel its fearmongering agenda?

Another terror scare, no matter how minor this appears to be, can only help Tony Blair further marginalize the cash for honors scandal, while at the same time tarring all privacy and personal freedom advocates as dangerous extremists.

There are other reports of "suspicious packages" across the country that are contributing to the paranoia while allowing the Blair government to grandstand once again.

The individual or group responsible could have achieved more sustained and positive attention by staging protests outside the office buildings that were targeted, not injuring some oblivious worker drones who don't even have any say in how tax and surveillance policies are crafted. What is that going to accomplish apart from allowing the media and the state to dismiss us all as dangerous extremists?

The obvious counter-productive outcome of these events leads us to suspect that Blair's intelligence apparatus may be up to its old tricks again. While scant evidence is available to come to any conclusions, past history provides a clear legacy whereby the government has hijacked, exploited or outright manufactured every major terror alert in the past five years.

Furthermore, if the individual responsible is doing this simply to get attention, then the government and the media are helping him achieve that aim at every step of the way. As we have discussed before, the only means by which very minor acts of terror such as this can have any influence is if they are over hyped and given credence by those in a position to steer public opinion. If the Blair government was really interested in marginalizing extremists and preventing damage to the economy and consumer confidence, they would downplay incidents such as this.

What do we hear instead? Home Secretary John Reid describes the events as "worrying." Worrying to who? The minutia of the British population that work in offices related to motor taxation and speed cameras and whose job it is to open letters? Why on earth should this worry the overwhelming majority of the population, unless the Blair government is successful in reveling in and encouraging the fearmongering?

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Peter Power, the former Scotland Yard anti-terror official and currently head of Visor Consultants, whose company was running inconceivable drills on 7/7 which targeted the same locations at the same time, admitted to the BBC that Visor had been running mail bomb exercises in the past few weeks. Although Power urged a contained reaction to the letter bombs, he also raised the specter of chemical and biological weapons and bizarrely stated that people in their own private homes should now be nervous about opening mail.

Police are now linking a fourth letter bomb that was opened by an individual in his private home on Saturday with the other three that were sent to business offices. The fearmongering seems to have advanced to the point where everyone across the country should be in fear of what might be lurking inside their letter box.

A leaked Downing Street memo that brainstormed ways of convincing Brits to give up liberty in exchange for apparent security emerged earlier this week, in which the call to empower police to scan postal packages amongst other surveillance measures was argued. The lettter bombs have provided a golden opportunity to enact the very measures the government secretly desired.

British media outlets are eagerly doing their level best to link the letter bomber with anti-surveillance and tax protest movements.

Up until now, a growing movement of anti-Big Brother vigilantes who destroy speed cameras in the middle of the night have received widespread support across the country. This burgeoning wave of populist backlash against taxation and surveillance was a direct threat to the expansion of Big Brother's speed camera network.

BBC reporters are desperately trying to link speed camera vandals to the letter bomber, flashing up images of destroyed speed camera terminals during blanket news coverage.

No doubt this will also lead to increased scanning and opening of letters and parcels, falling in line with recent legislation in the U.S. which allows the Bush administration to read private mail without a warrant, a total violation of the 4th amendment.

With more letter bombs predicted to be delivered day after day, we'll stay on top of this story and try and counter the deranged fearmongering and fatuous demonization propaganda being emitted by the state and their press mouthpieces in what is becoming another laissez faire, ad hominem assault on freedom activists in the UK.




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