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UK Government Plays Fear Card To Trump Blair Scandals
Beheading scam, bird flu and letter bomb take headlines to disguise cash for peerages criminality

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, February 5, 2007

By an amazing coincidence, a criminal inquiry into a cash for peerages scandal in Britain that last week threatened to cost Tony Blair his premiership, was immediately followed by a number of scary scenarios involving terrorism and bird flu, stealing the headlines and sparing Blair's blushes.

We should not seriously consider for a second that Blair's government had anything to do with a quick fire series of fear-laden stories that amply terrified the British public enough to distract from the Prime Minister's troubles and remind them who the bosses are, especially as every single other major terror alert has not in any way been a lurid manifestation of Downing Street, expedited at the most politically opportune moment to frighten the population into acquiescence.

The senior policeman leading the investigation into an alleged plot to behead a Muslim British soldier believes the inquiry has been "hijacked" by the Government," reports the Daily Mail. "Assistant Chief Constable David Shaw was "seething" when he discovered Whitehall officials leaked sensitive details of Operation Gamble to the media in an apparent attempt to divert attention from the problems engulfing Tony Blair."

Within days of it being reported that fanatical Muslims were running around planning to chop people's heads off, a story that hit the headlines within hours of Blair being questioned by police for a second time over the cash for peerages scandal, the credibility of the alleged plot is already starting to crumble and its carefully timed release exposed as a cynical ploy on behalf of the government.

According to the Times newspaper, the plot was uncovered by MI5 last Autumn, meaning the government sat on it for six months before choosing to leak it to the media at this particular time.

Mirroring other similar cases, such as the laughable Toronto conspiracy to storm the Canadian parliament and behead Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Birmingham "plot" was a police entrapment operation, the main smoking gun that initiated the arrests being the shocking development of one of the suspects buying a video camera from an electronics store.

Why the story would be leaked to the media, alerting the suspects still at large and possibly endangering the security service moles that had supposedly penetrated the group, is another indicator that the whole scenario is a half-baked farce.

"At one point, to the bewilderment of senior officers, details of the operation were being broadcast while one of the suspects had still to be found," reports the Mail, adding that police chiefs seethed while the Blair government gleefully hyped the lurid details to a transfixed British public.

The Times also reported, "Despite intelligence about the new UK strategy security sources say that Al-Qaeda has not entirely dropped more traditional terrorism tactics. At least two cells are believed to be preparing attacks using cars packed with fertiliser explosives to cause mass casualties."

Again, in making this level of detail public, the government has openly informed these alleged terror cells that they have been infiltrated by intelligence agency moles. As one blog concludes, "Either the British authorities are in need of counter-terrorism schooling or this piece, once again, is total propaganda. I choose the latter for obvious reasons."

Not to be deterred, the Blair PR juggernaut swiftly welcomed the outbreak of bird flu on an East Anglian poultry farm as a further means of burying interest in the Prime Minister's woes, while at the same time a newspaper poll conducted by the Sunday Express found a majority want Blair to resign immediately.

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For those who have highlighted interesting correlations between government disaster drills and actual events in the past, it's remarkable to note that an April 2006 "exercise" coordinated by Downing Street, the Ministry of Defence, and other government departments revolved around a scenario where bird flu was discovered, yes you guessed it, on a poultry farm in East Anglia. Just another coincidence.

While the bid flu fear remains contained to just one farm the paranoia will continue to bubble under the surface, but for those who doubt the veracity of a British government plot to once again eviscerate the livelihoods of farmers (the biggest power block opposing Blair) in an act of 'agra-terrorism', just consider the fact that a vial of the Foot and Mouth virus was supposedly 'stolen' from Porton Down bio-weapons facility before the 2001 outbreak took place. The Sunday Express reported that it was released deliberately and could have possibly been the source of the outbreak two months later.

The Foot and Mouth disease spread like wildfire throughout the country as many accused the government of not doing nearly enough to contain it and the spring of 2001 in England was characterized by apocalyptic images of burning pyres (pictured above) dotted all over the countryside as over four million animals were slaughtered.

Coupled with reports of the government making inquiries to timber merchants and sign makers (before closing public footpaths), it is inconceivable that an animal rights activist, as we are led to believe, could have penetrated a level 4 bio-weapons facility that also houses anthrax and ebola and is protected by armed guards of the Ministry of Defence Police and the Military Provost Guard Service. The individual who stole the vial must have had full security clearance to enter the facility. Why would an animal rights activist release a virus that would kill four million animals?

Patricia Doyle, PhD also reported that Foot and Mouth exercises were being run by the British government immediately before the outbreak was made public. If the bird flu bonanza takes wings then this is the history of the Blair government's agra-terror agenda.

Moving forward to today's events, in what will no doubt unravel as yet another "coincidence," an office that manages the Big Brother congestion charge scheme in London was the target of a letter bomb, causing police to cordon off the Victoria Street area and Scotland Yard explosives teams to be sent to investigate. Depending on who the perpetrator turns out to be, such an event would also likely be exploited to demonize "extremists" who oppose surveillance measures and also global warming skeptics who denounce further draconian taxes on vehicles and fuel.

While many of the details behind the events of the last few days remain to be fleshed out, what is abundantly clear is that whenever Tony Blair is facing a political crisis, there is always a coincidental, helpful and plentiful supply of terror alerts and other monsters under the bed to sufficiently frighten British citizens into looking the other way.




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