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Who Will Be The Next 9/11 Truth Superhero?
How you can help change the paradigm by influencing the cultural zeitgeist

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Friday, February 2, 2007

"We'll see what happens," responds cult icon and Hollywood director David Lynch to a fan who hopes his courage on going public with his doubts about the official story of 9/11 will inspire others, and especially those with high profiles, to do the same.

Lynch was asked about 9/11 during an interview with Dutch television at the end of last year and highlighted numerous aspects of the events of that day that simply don't add up. He reiterated his doubts during an interview with the Alex Jones show last month.

2006 heralded the biggest surge in growth of the 9/11 truth movement since its birth, aided in no small part by the anniversary protests in New York and before that by actor Charlie Sheen's decision to risk his multi-million dollar career by standing up for the truth, and being viciously attacked for doing so, in March of that year.

Some have criticized a suggested inflated focus on celebrities being the torch bearers for the 9/11 truth movement, but the fact is that we can have a multitude of professors, physicists and experts on board and still not reach any new people who wouldn't otherwise have stumbled across this subject. The only way to stop preaching to the choir is to enlist individuals that already have a large media platform and are willing to use it to spark the interest of newcomers.

We live in a world where perception is reality and what people see on television, movies and popular culture becomes the accepted norm. The garbage that is ceaselessly pumped out by the architects of the zeitgeist is the primary reason why Americans and westerners in general are more dumb, fat, lazy and brainwashed than at any time in human history.

We need to seize the levers of this cultural monolith and use it to educate people or at least encourage them to think for themselves.

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What does this mean in real terms?

We know by name, partly through our relationship with Charlie Sheen, artists, actors and musicians who are fully informed about the truth behind 9/11. Some of these names are absolutely massive worldwide famous celebrities, but the fear that going public on 9/11 would ruin their career holds them back from making any statements on the record.

We need to put the call out for these individuals to cast aside their fears and step forth in the name of exposing the larcenous criminals that now control the U.S. government and are wielding their dark power to erect a prison planet.

Most recording artists and many actors have their own MySpace page, why not spend some time on there posting 9/11 truth information and petitioning them to get involved. Don't waste your time on some bubblegum teeny-bopper 19-year-old pop princess, we're talking about major top bracket hip-hop superstars and vocalists/guitarists whose hits span back decades. Those are the type of characters who know about 9/11 and have considered dipping their toe in the water but later withdrawn for personal reasons.

Celebrities are the only people who now hold sway in the court of public opinion when up against the gargantuan control of government controlled media conglomerates. Only through shifting the cultural zeitgeist can we begin to even make people believe they can change the world around them, by first changing the programming that is being fed into them on a daily basis.

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