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Diana Death Investigation Confirms Evidence Of Cover-up
There can be no other conclusion than murder

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | Updated February 27 2006

The investigation into the death of Princess Diana, led by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens, continues to confirm previously known facts and unearth new evidence proving that the August 31st 1997 crash was no accident.

As previously exhaustively documented by this website, the evidence pointing to murder is conclusive.

From the mid 1990's, Diana released a series of audio, videotapes and letters voicing her fears that she would be killed in a car crash made to look like an accident. In one letter, Diana stated, "My husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry”.

A brief summary of the known evidence is as follows.

- The Pont de L'Alma tunnel was crawling with secret service personnel from French and British intelligence. The driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul is now confirmed as having worked for the French secret service.

- The unscheduled journey through the symbolic Pont de L'Alma tunnel (an ancient Pagan sacrificial site) took Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed AWAY FROM their intended destination, Dodi's flat.

- Just before the car entered the tunnel every police radio in Paris mysteriously died, preventing a quick response which could have saved Diana's life.

- Just before the car entered the tunnel every security camera in the tunnel mysteriously died, preventing us from ever seeing footage of what caused the crash.

- Eyewitnesses reported snipers and gunfire within the tunnel.

- The crime scene was completely cleaned within hours of the crash, a policy totally anathema to standard preservation of any crime scene.

- Diana was still alive after the crash. Unexplained delays in getting her to the hospital, caused by the slow speed of the ambulance and the fact that it passed several nearer hospitals before reaching its destination, ensured Diana was dead upon arrival. A faster response could have saved her life.

- The Mercedes used to transport Dodi and Diana from the Ritz was mysteriously swapped for a car that had been stolen only weeks earlier.

- The foremost reason put forward to explain the 'accident' - that driver Henri Paul was dangerously drunk, has been thoroughly debunked by the camera footage of his behavior before the crash and the fact that the tests on Paul's blood were either faked or swapped with the blood of another dead man. Paul's liver showed no sign of alcohol abuse and his close friends and family said he rarely drank alcohol.

- Multiple eyewitnesses reported a mysterious flash of light immediately before the crash. Many insist that this was a laser directed at the driver to cause temporary blindness leading to the crash.

- The initial French investigation into the crash went to every length to ignore key evidence, intimidate eyewitnesses into silence and outright fabricate evidence.

It is important to stress that a detailed compendium of the evidence pointing to murder would fill a book on its own.

Diana was killed because she was pregnant with Dodi's child and the British Royal Family didn't want an Arab in their sacred bloodline. Diana was also becoming politically involved in the Middle East and the elite saw her as a loose cannon that could rally popular support around anything. Diana herself remarked to reporters that there would be 'a big surprise' from her a few days before her death.

Lord Steven's previous enquiry into Irish Republican Army terrorism unearthed links to British intelligence but seemed to disappear down the memory hole. Our hope is that the inquiry will have some genuine consequences for the criminals who assassinated 'England's Rose' and that it will prevent them from engaging in similar political hits in the future.


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