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AP Recycles Old Bin Laden Tape For New Propaganda

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | February 20 2006

Using the justification that it was 'complete' - the Associated Press reported on a month old alleged bin Laden audio tape as if it was a new story. Either it was a quiet weekend or this is another branch of Rumsfeld's black propaganda campaign.

It's a shame that the major disinfo news organs don't have as much zeal to update other fairly important news items. Did the fact that several of the alleged 9/11 hijackers turned up alive weeks after the attack provoke a rash of top of the bill headlines? No, it was picked up by a couple of outlets and it certainly wasn't given any major play.

Some Islamic websites re-posted the old bin Laden tape and the AP thought this deserved major coverage, as did Drudge who put it at the top of his page. If the same websites had re-posted old articles about 9/11 would we be reading 'Twin Towers Attacked' headlines today?

No we would not.

Should it concern us that such websites have very strong US connections?

Should we be alarmed that Rumsfeld held a meeting at the Council on Foreign Relations on Friday in which he outlined a plan to use weblogs as a tool for US military propaganda?

Last month Rumsfeld also made it clear that 'enemy websites' would be attacked if they harmed the agenda of the US government.

Reporting the bin Laden tape again as if it's new, even aside from proven past fraudulent tapes, simply recycles and re-applies old propaganda like a band aid. Keep the sheeple frightened, reinforce the myth that bin Laden is still even alive and lessen the dissent when the Patriot Act is renewed and when the White House says it will fight tooth and nail to block any NSA spying investigation.

Just like a terror alert that is denounced as 'shit' by twenty three intel experts, the tactics never change. Re-posting a month old hokey bin Laden tape can hardly be called creative but it's the latest lame attempt to lull Americans into a continued state of ambivalence and trance-like subservience.


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