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Establishment Media Spin Machine Rounds On Cindy Sheehan

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | February 2 2006

The rabid foaming pro-government Internet media circus has activated its spin machine to try and quell the blindingly obvious antithesis of George W. Bush's hollow and baseless 'freedom' rhetoric during his state of the union speech and the physical results of what that 'freedom' entails, Cindy Sheehan's violent arrest and ejection for wearing a T-shirt that counted how many US troops had died for Bush's America-hating conquest.

Within hours, Power Line, a National Review affiliated Neo-Con e-rag, characterized Sheehan's appearance as a Democratic plant, despite the fact that Sheehan stated she was less than keen on even attending the event in the first place. Not content with this, Power Line then outright lied by stating that Sheehan had tried to unfurl a banner before she was arrested. As the photos and any account of the incident prove, there was no banner. Power Line snickered at the treatment of Sheehan before going on to laud the virtues of President bathroom break's speech.

Not to be outdone, Miami Beach newsmincer Matt Drudge posted a story concerning a man ejected from Bill Clinton's impeachment trial for wearing a lewd T-shirt.

Drudge's message is clear, what are you complaining about? The Democrats did it too!

Drudge also cites the story of the wife of Republican Congressman Bill Young, who was ejected after Sheehan's arrest for wearing a 'support the troops' T-shirt. Drudge equates the two incidents as if both Sheehan and Beverly Young were treated the same. Wrong again.

For a start, both women should have been left alone according to the law. As Brad Blog points out, a 1971 Supreme Court decision ruled that wearing a "F**k the Draft" T-shirt into a courthouse was Constitutionally protected free speech.

Secondly, Young wasn't arrested, she was merely asked to leave. Sheehan was forcibly dragged out of the building and handcuffed and held in detention for hours. Young was asked politely to leave, the Waffen SS wannabe that arrested Sheehan barked the word "Protester" before he dived in. Young argued loudly with officers and called them "idiots" while Sheehan calmly pleaded for them to let her leave quietly.

It is clear that both T-shirts were making political statements, but only the anti-government shirt was deemed to be an arrestable offence.

Furthermore, would Young have been asked to leave if the Sheehan incident hadn't already occurred and Bush's security goons weren't wary of saving face?

With the enveloping stranglehold of 'free speech zones' at any political event, the parameters have been framed whereby any political message or any information period is classified as a felony. New Patriot Act provisions that allow secret service personnel to arrest protesters en masse dovetails to ensure the elimination of free speech in America.

And you don't even have to be at a political event to be targeted.

Stephen Downs was arrested for wearing a 'Give Peace a Chance' T-shirt at a New York mall. Security guards demanded Downs and his son remove their shirts in the middle of the mall. Downs, a lawyer with the state Commission on Judicial Conduct, refused and the police were called.

What's next? Regulation two inch haircuts like in North Korea?

It is necessary to end this piece with a comparison of the words spoken by George W. Bush and Cindy Sheehan on January 31st 2006.

BUSH: "Every step toward freedom in the world makes our country safer -- so we will act boldly in freedom's cause."

SHEEHAN: " I have lost my son. I have lost my First Amendment rights. I have lost the country that I love. Where did America go? I started crying in pain."