Punished For Patriotism? Student Suspended Over American Flag
Trio reprimanded for painting old glory on chests for school-sponsored lip-dub video

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Friday, December 7, 2012


A Kearney High School senior was suspended and his two friends reprimanded after school administrators punished the trio for displaying American flags in their chests during a school-sponsored lip-dub video.


"Dylan Eckstein, Taylor Snider and Jackson Specker decided to mark their appearance in a school-sanctioned lip-dub video, where students mime to a popular song, by emblazoning their chests with patriotic American flags.

After initially being praised by one school administrator for their efforts, the boys were told by another, "That’s not okay, you have to put your shirts down."

A third administrator then saw the students taking photos of themselves and that's when, “it all started to get blown out of proportion,” said Specker.

Eckstein attempted to reason with the administrator but was hit by a suspension for the remainder of the day. Specker and Snider were not suspended because they agreed to put their shirts back on.

The administrators' claim that the students were punished for violating the school dress code doesn't hold water. During the same event last year, other students were allowed to bear even more flesh without being told to cover up.

"A video the school made last year featured several male students with bare chests and even the swim team in Speedos, leaving the students confused if the punishment was more for patriotism," reports KSHB.com.

School officials failed to respond when asked to comment by 41 Action News.

This is not the first instance of school kids being reprimanded and censored for displaying the American flag.

Back in 2010, students were told by a principal and assistant principal that they couldn't wear American flag t-shirts at a school in California on Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday. After the students filed a lawsuit, U. S. District Court Judge James Ware ruled that the school district did not violate the students’ first amendment rights.


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