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Latest Pathetic Mud-Slinging Attempt Smears Ron Paul As "Zionist Shill"
Dimwits who think everyone apart from them is in on the conspiracy cite Neo-Con co-author as proof

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Wednesday, December 19, 2007


A small minority of dimwits who believe that Ron Paul is too good to be true and represents nothing more than an establishment puppet have seized upon a 15-year-old affiliation with a Neo-Con to charge that the Congressman is a "Zionist shill" in the latest pathetic attempt to scrape the barrel and sling mud at the presidential candidate.

Lewis E. Lehrman, the co-author of Ron Paul's 1993 book "The Case for Gold," was later a signatory to the infamous Project For a New American Century document, a pre-9/11 Neo-Con blueprint which yearned for a "new Pearl Harbor" to justify U.S. military expansionism across the globe.

The fact that the book itself is a sober argument for a return to the gold standard is ignored while Paul's affiliation with Lehrman is seized upon as evidence that Ron Paul is a "Zionist shill" and "part of the New World Order."

Of course, anyone with a shred of common sense would realize that a 10-term Congressman stretching back over 30 years would have had relations and affiliations with all kinds of people whom he didn't necessarily agree with on a host of issues.

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If Ron Paul had run a lemonade stall with a childhood friend when he was growing up in the 1940's and that friend had gone on to become a bank robber, would this make Ron Paul an accessory to the crime? Would it be justified to use this to claim that Ron Paul would give criminals a free pass if he became president?

If Ron Paul, a man who delivered more than 4,000 babies during his time as an ob/gyn, had made friends with a doctor who went on to become an abortionist - would this make the Congressman a baby killer?

How many people do you know from years past that went on to do or say things that you disapprove of? People change.

On the face of it, the charge that Paul is a "Zionist shill" because he wrote a book with a man that went on to become a Neo-Con is a childish ad hominem smear, using guilt by association in a desperate attempt to scrape the barrel for mud to sling at the Congressman.

Another example of how some people even within our own movement are literally straining at the leash to dig up dirt on Ron Paul is a You Tube comment under Paul's latest video interview on The Glenn Beck Show.

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The writer speculates that because there is a gold-fringed U.S. flag in the background of the interview, which they say denotes martial law, this is potential evidence that Ron Paul is a "crypto-fascist."

"Paul's people would have been entirely responsible for what was in the background, thus the campaign sign and flags themselves," he writes.

Why Ron Paul's people would have been "entirely responsible" for setting up a shot for an interview conducted by CNN is not explained, but this is just another example of the mindlessness that prevails in some corners of the Internet.

The "everything's a conspiracy crowd" just cannot temper their paranoia for long enough to accept the fact that, while we may not agree with the Congressman on every issue - such as net neutrality or what happened on 9/11, Ron Paul is the real deal and he has to cope with enough mordacity from the establishment media without the need for this baseless BS.

The vast majority of 9/11 truthers and Ron Paul supporters in general realize this but for those who also like to claim that Alex Jones is a "Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor," a Zionist or even a shape-shifting reptoid, their bizarre self-destructive cynicism prevents them from ever contributing towards positive activism and change because of their ninnying egotistic obsession with claiming that everyone but them is in on the conspiracy.



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