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Chretien Loses Patience With Questions On 9/11 Truth, NAU
Former Canadian PM given Endgame DVD, pushes away man who asked about North American Union

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Monday, December 10, 2007


9/11 truthers in Ottawa and Toronto continued to speak truth to power this weekend when they asked former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien if he had watched a Loose Change Final Cut DVD that was handed to him earlier in the week in Vancouver, and also if he supported the North American Union. Chretien ran out of polite nondescript answers and eventually resorted to physically pushing away a truther in Toronto.

After Chretien was handed a Loose Change DVD in Vancouver he traveled to Ottawa for the next leg of his book tour and during an event at Chapters bookstore on Friday, he was asked if he had watched the DVD. The response was negative but just as a reminder, he was presented with an "investigate 9/11" t-shirt.


Two other Ottawa 9/11 Truth members attended the event and got a chance to speak with Chretien for a little longer, again asking him if he had watched Loose Change, but also quizzing him on why Canada was pursuing a North American Union, to which Chretien responded "we're not".

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Chretien then looked somewhat surprised when he was reminded of his attendance at the 1996 Bilderberg conference, after which he was handed a copy of Alex Jones' Endgame, which features a protest of the 2006 meeting in Ottawa, Canada.


The former Prime Minister was told that there is a worldwide movement that questions the legitimacy of the official 9/11 story, but his failure to watch Loose Change suggests he won't be joining that movement any time soon.

Chretien's final appearance of the weekend was at Indigo bookstore in Toronto, where he was met by more 9/11 truth activists, including Dan Dicks, and again responded that he had not watched Loose Change.


After stating that he wasn't in favor of a North American Union, Chretien appeared to become agitated and motioned to push away Dicks before indicating that his security aide should ensure Dicks left abruptly.

Though many will be frustrated with Chretien's nondescript responses, this was a simple and successful exercise in loosely networking via the power of the Internet and bringing together citizens of like-mind from three different cities in the interests of speaking truth to power.

We applaud those that took part in this project and invite everyone else out there to become engaged and motivated to follow their example.

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