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Ron Paul Slams Global Warming "Fearmongering"
Congressman dismisses doomsday predictions during interview

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet
Thursday, December 6, 2007


Congressman Ron Paul, who many would argue has remained somewhat neutral on the issue of global warming thus far, slammed alarmist predictions of the earth's decline as "fearmongering" and encouraged contrarian thinking on the issue during an interview with popular Internet TV broadcast G4.

"People think that Greenland's going to be gone in 20 years - I don't buy into that," Paul told host Layla Kayleigh.

Asked if he bought into "the ice glaciers melting," Paul responded, "They can find just as many places where the ice is building up - in Greenland, in certain parts of Greenland, in Antarctica."

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Indeed, research conducted using the European Space Agency's satellites in November 2005 concluded that Greenland's interior ice sheets are thickening at a rate of six centimetres each year.

The Congressman said that his advice was to "listen to scientists on both sides" and that people who uniformly make up their minds that something is a certain way are often proven wrong.

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"Right now there needs to be a little contrarian thinking about the fearmongering that is going on with global warming like it's the end of the earth," said Paul, responding strongly when challenged by Kayleigh, who used to work for Al Gore's TV network.

Though the Congressman has previously said he advocates efforts to reduce carbon emissions, he is keen to point out the fact that the Kyoto treaty is meaningless because it does not apply to the world's biggest generator of carbon emissions, China, and the knock-on effects have only been to cause U.s. corporations to outsource more jobs overseas.



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