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Tony Snow's Best Defense of Bush: The Public Dislikes Congress More.....

Huffington Post
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

From Tuesday's White House Press Briefing:

Q Does the President believe there is -- within the American public, that they would accept sending more troops to Iraq?

MR. SNOW: Again, what you're trying to do under the guise of an opinion question is to ask me a policy option. Let me put it this way: The President believes that in putting together a way forward he will be able to address a lot of the concerns that the American public has, the most important of which is, what is your plan for winning? The other thing is that there is an opportunity here, also, for Democrats and Republicans to work together; whatever the discontent may be with the President, the level of confidence in Congress is even lower. And what you have is a sense of crisis of confidence in government. And this is an opportunity for not only the legislative branch and executive branch to work together, but also...

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