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Was "Kramer" Richards' Racist Rant Staged?
Seinfeld DVD sales soar as once forgotten actor becomes hot property; Was public tirade staged for profit and notoriety while simultaneously pleasing hate crime advocates?

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, December 4, 2006

Michael "Kramer" Richards' racist rant at an LA comedy club provoked a firestorm of reaction and many affirmations that the tirade would end Richards' career. Far from it - profits have mushroomed, Richards is hot property and as a consequence hate speech advocates have been given all the ammunition they need to criminally target controversial words.

Richards unleashed a prolonged volley of disgusting racist drivel against a group of black people who were watching his performance from an upper gantry. But what seemed confusing about the rant is that it was seemingly unprovoked, the group of people were merely talking, they were not heckling Richards.

You can watch the Richards' racist reaction below.

But far from ruining his career, Richards' bad publicity has propelled his persona from that of a forgotten actor in a retired sitcom to an in-demand pariah that every TV producer and late night talk show wants to be involved with. There's no such thing as bad publicity, especially in LA of all places, and the kickbacks are already rolling in.

As Townhall.com points out, "Consider, for instance, the soaring sales of the latest “Seinfeld” DVD. Season 7 of the popular sitcom is outselling the Season 6 edition (released on the same day in 2005) by at least 75%, and it’s outperforming Season 5 by more than 90%, according to TMZ.com."

Following the event, it was reported that Richards is set to apologize to the four men he verbally abused at a meeting mediated by a retired judge and that a cash settlement is a potential outcome.

This puts the issue of hate speech firmly back in the frame at the same time that an Orwellian "anti-hate" thought crime bill, The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act, is reintroduced to a Democrat controlled Congress that is likely to pass it.

There seems little doubt that Richards will be held up by the hate speech crowd as an example of how all controversial speech, be it as distasteful or not, has to be seriously regulated and punished by an action of the state.

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It also seems rather too coincidental that the star of the Seinfeld series, Jerry Seinfeld, was pre-booked to appear on The David Letterman Show right as the Richards scandal reached its height.

The fact that Richards is a 33rd degree Freemason possibly provides an explanation for where his deep-seated racism originates. The Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Freemasonic Rite's Southern Jurisdiction, Albert Pike, was one of the most if not the most influential Freemason in history. He was also a member of the Ku Klux Klan and strongly railed against ending slavery of black people.

As one of our readers points out, if the incident was staged it would not be the first time Richards has taken part in a comedy hoax in front of a live audience. During a 1981 segment on an ABC variety show named Fridays, a sketch that featured Andy Kaufman and revolved around two couples getting high on marijuana in a restaurant, descended into anarchy when Kaufman seemingly forgot his lines deliberately. Embarrassed, Richards stormed off the stage, returning with the cue card and slamming it down in front of Kaufman. Kaufman proceeded to throw water over Richards and a fight ensued. Though the events seemed real at the time, it was later admitted to have been a scripted hoax. Watch the video below.

Was Richards' largely unprovoked racist rant a pre-agreed, pre-scripted staged event to get an obscure actor back in the national spotlight, with talk shows scrambling for interviews and television producers clambering for a piece of the controversy along with DVD profits soaring, or was it simply an off-the-cuff explosion from a seriously disturbed individual with ingrained racist and bigoted tendencies?





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