Russian Expert Predicts Bird Flu Pandemic in 2 Years

MosNews | December 14 2005

Comment: Other Russian 'experts' were saying that there would be an epidemic that would kill a billion people by the end of the year, and that was in 2004. I dn't see a billion dead people.


The director of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences’ Influenza Institute, Oleg Kiselyov, said that a global epidemic of bird flu will occur in two years, Interfax reported Wednesday.

“A pandemic will occur, and it will occur in two years,” Kiselyov told journalists at a science workshop conference in the Russian Agricultural Sciences Academy.

The H5N1 virus strain that circulated in Russia this year “will probably not cause any diseases among the population,” and will not lead to a pandemic, he said.

“I can say that H5N1 will probably not be dangerous to humans on a global scale,” Kiselyov said.

Experts fear the H5N1 strain of bird flu could trigger a human flu pandemic if it mutates into a form that is easily spread between people. Since 2003, the virus has killed at least 69 people in Asia — most of them farm workers who came into close contact with infected birds.