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Total Information Awareness Ready Before 9/11

Citizens For Legitimate Government | December 6 2004

Citizens For Legitimate Government can report today an exclusive story about the Total Information Awareness program (TIA), initiated by Admiral (retired) John Poindexter. CLG exclusive source tells us that a day after 9-11, Poindexter’s office of the TIA program was already established in the Pentagon. Says inside, unnamed source, Poindexter had the TIA program ready to roll out on 9/12/2001, the day after 9-11. Five days after 9-11, the TIA office was fully functional. Asked if that means the program was ready to rollout previous to 9/11, the source familiar with the program and privy to top-secret government contractors said, "of course."

The Total Information Awareness Program that was headed by Poindexter was disassembled after Congress decided against it, rightly asserting that it constituted an invasion of citizen privacy. TIA chief, Admiral John Poindexter, resigned August 29, 2003, amidst controversy over TIA as well as the revelation of a DARPA program that would have allowed investors to bet on assassinations and terror attacks.

However, the CLG's exclusive inside source familiar with program says that as is the case with all ghosts, they never really go away. The TIA program, headed by Poindexter, has been completely reassembled under an intelligence agency of the US government, operating under the same terms as intended by Poindexter. No longer called TIA, the new code name for the project is "Basketball." Under the name "Basketball," that is, TIA has bounced to a new office and is still collecting information about Americans.


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