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Buchanan: Bush Responsible For Next Terror Attack If Borders Stay Open
War is the health of the state says best selling author as he warns of 'third world invasion'

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 29 2006

Pat Buchanan, currently riding high in the New York Times bestseller list with his book The Third World Invasion, told the Alex Jones Show that if there was another terror attack in the US, George W. Bush would be responsible due to his refusal to control the borders and that his place in history would be finished.

Here is the exchange from the show.

CALLER: "If 9/11 and the war on terror is indeed legitimate, why wasn't the border totally militarily secured on September 12th 2001?"

BUCHANAN: "It's because George Bush doesn't want to secure that border - I do believe he wants an open border between the United States and Mexico - he does not share the concern of a lot of us that this is a national security problem."

ALEX JONES: "Pat, won't he just get more power if there's another terror attack - that he could take more American liberties?"

BUCHANAN: "I think if the terrorists have come across that Mexican border, I think his place in history is finished."

ALEX JONES: "But my point is, if he got so much power out of 9/11 and got to grandstand...."

BUCHANAN: "Well there's no doubt about it, war is the health of the state."

ALEX JONES: "So do you agree with me that they could try to spin it, even though with common sense we would see it as another attack, they could kind of spin it and ignore the border issue and Bush could get even more power out of it?"

BUCHANAN: "Well yes, sure, sure, he might put in a lot more laws and things like that but I do think people would say look, you did not seal that border just as the caller said when you had three or four, when you had five years to do it you didn't do it and now we got hit again - you are responsible this time."

Buchanan went on to warn that the open borders policy is being crafted by the Republican elite in alliance with Mexico's Vicente Fox.

"Fox and Bush have been colluding on this policy since before 9/11 - Vicente Fox was standing right beside Bush when Bush declared the Minutemen vigilantes," said Buchanan.

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Buchanan said the elite were targeting the middle class for destruction and using rampant illegal immigration to realize that goal.

"I do believe that the American middle and working class of this country as I wrote in the title of an earlier book, are victims of a great betrayal - their manufacturing jobs are being sent abroad, illegal aliens are coming being invited into their country, the products of China are pouring in, American jobs are being lost, they're bringing in Indian kids and bright young kids from Bangladesh to take the jobs of Americans."

"The middle class is under assault," said Buchanan as he illustrated the deliberate agenda for mega corporations to construct a new world order system.

"Their ambition is to remove all national barriers and frontiers so they can move people and goods wherever they want to which they feel is most efficient for the company - so they put the company ahead of the country and they genuinely believe that what we need is a global market where these big corporations can move all over the global market and there's a global government there that runs it all - this is the new world order idea."

Buchanan identified "the Crystals and the Weekly Standard and all the rest of them," along with the Rockefeller Republican hierarchy as the masterminds behind the push to eliminate US sovereignty and put in place the American Union.

"I think if the Republicans do not secure these borders they're going to be wiped out - now the Democrats aren't going to do it either but you'll get a new kind of Republican party coming," said Buchanan.

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