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As August 22nd Ends, Doomsday Neo-Cons Shamed Again
War lobbyist Neo-Fascist cheerleader's 'end times' prophecy unsurprisingly turns out to be total crud

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 23 2006

A wild-eyed crystal ball prophecy that Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would initiate world war three or the apocalypse on August 22nd, a proclamation trumpeted by Neo-Cons far and wide, has deflated - again leaving the war lobbyist cheerleaders red faced, egg-faced, and obliterating any shred of remaining credibility they had.

It's now August 23rd in Tehran, Jerusalem and by the time you read this Europe and in a few hours most of the US will see the sun set on August 22nd. There is no fire in the sky over Baghdad and no mushroom cloud over Israel. The return of the 19th Loch Ness Monster or whatever delirious entity the Neo-Cons were peddling to herald the apocalypse has not materialized.

After all the hype, even if Iran was planning to pull something off (not that they even could without nuclear weapons) why on earth would they play right into the hands of their so-called enemies by appeasing their self-fulfilling prophecy and launching something on August 22nd?

We need to use today's non-event as a means of beating what little credibility the Neo-Cons had left around the head with.

I said I would enjoy this and I am going to.

Nothing happened you stupid idiots - stop creating bullshit proclamations of impending doom and using them to stoke militarism, warmongering and justification to slit America's throat and send thousands more American troops to their deaths. Stop lobbying for world war three. You were wrong and I am calling you on the carpet to tell you that you are a lying bunch of hypocrites and your constant empty saber-rattling only makes people turn away from your bloodthirsty deceit in increasing numbers.

One of the primary culprits of this crackpot warmongering was Neo-Con Glenn Beck, who discussed the August 22nd date on several different broadcasts of his show, including the interview above with another Neo-Con sympathizer Robert Spencer - but Beck was not alone in parroting this belligerent propaganda.

“What is the significance of Aug. 22? […] This might well be deemed an appropriate date for the apocalyptic ending of Israel and if necessary of the world," ranted supposed "credible" middle east professor Bernard Lewis in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

“It’s an important symbolic day for jihadists. And I’m curious to see what happens on Tuesday. [Ahmadinejad] may just say no or he may do something a little more dramatic, launch a missile or something, to show that - Iranian defiance of what looks like an impotent West,” arch Neo-Fascist figurehead Bill Kristol told Fox News Sunday.

“Will [Ahmadinejad] attempt to make good on these threats this year on the anniversary of the Miraj [August 22], illuminating the night sky over Jerusalem?" barked Front Page Magazine, run by former Marxist turned Bush cheerleader David Horowitz.

Matt Drudge seemed to get very excited over the last two days about the imminent end of the word and decided to slap eye-catching red headlines at the top of his page speculating what Iran's response would be on August 22nd. During today's non-events in complete desperation he tried to insinuate the crash of a Russian passenger plane, which has already been dismissed as an accident, was somehow related to the doomsday prophecy by highlighting it too in red text to accompany the Iran news. The screen shot is below.

“We all hope and pray that August 22 is not the day Ahmadinejad has chosen to launch the apocalypse, but there is little doubt in the White House and at the CIA that the Iranian leader is feverishly trying to build, buy, or steal nuclear weapons, and that he will quite likely use them once he has them,” said Joel Rosenberg, who writes fictional Tom Clancy style books while trying to make real his own nightmare scenarios by peddling Ahmadinejad as the new Hitler (taking over from the last "new Hitler," Saddam Hussein).

It seems like an amazing coincidence that the "new Hitler" is always in command of the next scalp on the United States' and Israel's trophy list.

Last time I checked Iran hadn't invaded France and if they tried doing anything to Israel they would be crushed like a bug on a dance floor. Iran is at least nine years away from a nuke - Israel has at least 400 of them. If this was the comparable power of the Allied and Axis forces at the start of World War 2 then the Nazis wouldn't have made it to Warsaw.

Even if you believe the carefully massaged translation that Ahmadinejad wants to "wipe Israel off the map" - compare it with the rhetoric of Kim Jong-il - a mentally unstable despot who has nukes that have already hit Alaska in drills and threatens to destroy the world several times a year. The Rosenberg's of the world don't seem to be too concerned about that.

Despite the fact that the scare mongering doomsday proclamations of the Neo-Cons always come to pass without incident, have no doubt that when August 22nd rolls around next year, if they haven't already turned Iran into a car park by then, the Neo-Fascists won't hesitate to recycle this same old crap and a lot of duct tape buying idiots will swallow it once again.



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