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Falun Gong Demonstrator Speaks Out On Chinese Government's Ghoulish Organ Harvesting
Strikes back at secret service, media rebuke of her protest

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | April 25 2006

Dr Wang Wenyi, the brave demonstrator who was arrested by the secret service and rebuked by the US media for protesting the visit of brutal despot Hu Jintao, has spoken out against her treatment and further highlighted the Chinese government's persecution and live organ harvesting of Falun Gong members.

Talking to The Alex Jones Show, Dr. Wenyi said that in the media translation of her words from Chinese, the intended meaning of what she said during her protest had been completely distorted, leading to an erroneous charge of threatening a foreign official for which she faces 6 months in jail.

"I want to make it clear that this is not a threat because I just want to call urgently upon the people's help because there's an atrocity going on," said Wenyi, bringing attention to Falun Gong practitioners being abducted to concentration camps and having their organs harvested.

"I said that if you continue to persecute Falun Gong then your days be numbered, that means that your time is running out, the time in your office," said Wenyi, questioning how one person could intimidate a head of state with a million man army behind him.

Wenyi described how, despite censorship attempts by the Chinese government supported by US corporations like Yahoo and Google, the Internet was lighting the touch paper for an underground revolution in China.

"I think people now have more of a connection with the outside world. Before it was closed up and now they have, even though they try and censor the information....the Internet....so now they realize in what kind of situation they live and they want more freedom of speech and freedom of assembly and belief."

Wenyi mentioned the website, China International Transplantation Center (http://en.zoukiishoku.com), which promises customers organ transplants on demand within two weeks.

On a sub page of the website, the organization thanks the support of the Chinese government, stating, "The Supreme Demotic Court, Supreme Demotic Law-officer, Police, Judiciary, Department of Health and Civil Administration have enacted a law together to make sure that organ donations are supported."

"As a physician I know it is not simple to do the transplantation. Not only do you need a blood type match, most importantly you have to match your tissue....so if in the United States someone wants their kidney out they have to wait for years," said Wenyi.

Organs are put up for sale on the Chinese market so frequently because of the regular supply from persecuted political dissidents who are killed for their organs during ghoulish live operations. The Chinese government even advertises the speed of its transplantation process yet the media still reports the entire subject as speculation on the part of Falun Gong.

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Wenyi discussed cases she had personally investigated and reported on for the Epoch Times in which Falun Gong practitioners were tortured to death and had their organs removed. A heart is worth $200,000 and a kidney $62,000 on the international organ trade market.

Stories of organ harvesting from political prisoners and Falun Gong members are widespread and confirmed by multiple mainstream sources, including last week the esteemed British Transplantation Society, yet the State Department, even contradicting it's own reports, suggested that it is an "urban myth."

Wenyi said that the Chinese Communist dictatorship were afraid of Falun Gong, a conscience enhancing spiritual form of exercise practiced by Tibetan Monks, because it was outside the Communist ideology and it could make Chinese citizens self-aware and more individualistic.

Wenyi said that the persecution of Falun Gong was clearly not working for Hu Jintao's regime as Falun Gong's numbers more than double those of new members of the Communist Party every year.

Wenyi highlighted the comments of Chinese General Zhu Chenghu, who threatened to attack 200 American cities with nuclear weapons if the US got involved in a Sino confrontation with Taiwan.

The US media continues to soft-peddle and make apologies for the tyrannical dictatorship of China, blindly following its cue from the Bush administration, who have continued the Clintonian legacy of lowering the gates for the rampaging Chinese dragon in anticipation of a future stage-managed conflict.


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