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My GOD! Joe Lieberman puts Colin McEnroe to sleep on air!

Connecticutblog | April 18 2006

Well, not exactly but it was pretty close.

Joe Lieberman's best friend Colin McEnroe and AP Capitol Reporter, Susan Haighs, were on WITC's Beyond the Headlines on Sunday and they explained why everyone should take Ned Lamont's campaign very seriously. They also go into why Joe's running scared and threatening to run as an independent (here's a hint: it's becasue there's a VERY good sign that Lamont will beat him in the primary).

BTW: Colin's snoozing is an instant classic...

UPDATE: Whoa, I'm getting alot of traffic here. Already at 18,000 hits and the sun is still up. Thanks to Huffington Post, Atrios, Daily Kos, Raw Story, and My Left Wing for linking this post on their site.

Please check out Ned Lamont's site for more info on his exciting grassroots campaign (and donate of you can) Also, check out Lamontblog, La Resistance, My Left Nutmeg and ConnecticutBLOG for all the Ned Lamont info your brain can handle (all sites are based in Connecticut and where keeping a close eye on this important campaign).


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