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An appeal to those of a Clairvoyant persuasion.

Cremation of Care | April 17 2006

As a researcher into the New World Order, one is often faced with the aspect that problems are created - such as terrorist atrocities - which are stage managed behind the scenes to prompt a reaction from the citizenry, which will subsequently play into the hands of the very people who created the problem.

This in research circles is rightly dubbed ‘problem > reaction> solution’. Create the problem, glean the reaction, offer the solution.

This is nothing new, in fact it is probably the most commonly talked about subject in this whole area of the ‘truth movement’. One only has to tune in to GCN shows like Deadline Live, The Power Hour or the popular Alex Jones show to get a quick grasp on how this works.

It is generally the name of the game as far as the manipulation angle goes and is the very essence of ‘terrorism’.

So it is always helpful when exposing this beast NWO system to have at your fingertips the evidence that will dismantle the official ‘party line’ of events such as 9/11. Events like the London bombings of July 2005 which have done so well in terms of reshaping legislative powers that might not have been granted before.

It can be laborious at times, sometimes even a little boring having to analyse how these events were played out, who was involved, the motives and the methods. But the necessity is certainly there.

Of course this must be done with the benefit of hind sight. None of us are psychic, or at least not enough to predict when a psy-op like 9/11 will be staged.

That said there are those out there who repeatedly promote disinfo about 2012, how Planet X is coming and how on June 06th 2006 (666) we WILL see a staged terror attack.

I have been in and out of contact with well meaning researchers who have frequently offered dates in which ‘something is gonna happen’ yet it never does and then like a pigeon that never learns they’re at it again two days later.

What it does is discredit the whole truth movement with which these ‘conspiracy theories’ are connected. It isn’t as if they are just saying ‘Bin Laden is going to attack us on June 06th’ they tend to link the whole thing to the legitimate research suggesting such theories that ‘the government is going to hit us and blame it on Bin Laden on June 06th’.

This was the very foundation of ‘cointelpro’ An FBI programme aimed at discrediting its ‘enemies’. According to a wikipedia entry on the subject ‘The founding document of COINTELPRO directed FBI agents to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize" the activities of these dissident movements and their leaders.’

Yet the Fed’s work is pretty much done for them by these often well meaning people in the ‘truth movement’. At this point they are severely 'poisoning the well' and have little or nothing to show for it.

Occasionally we see prediction come true. I am instantly remind me of ‘Operation Expose the Government Terrorists’, pushed by Alex Jones two months prior to 9/11 - calling all viewers to his Access TV show to call the white house because ‘we know that you're gonna pull something, possibly in New York and blame it on Bin Laden as a pretext for Orwellian control’ (paraphrasing) two months later… the rest was history.

A lucky guess? No, this guy had intel’ from personal sources inside the US government who were concerned about such information we now class as ‘prior knowledge of 9/11’. Not because September 11th was the likely birth date of Christ. Not because it was 11 years after President GHW Bush’s New World Order speech. This came from credible and concerning intel’ which Jones acted on in full force and as far as I am aware has never done so since.

This is not an attack on those who do this. This an appeal. Think about what you are predicting, what basis you are doing it under. Where has the information that you are circulating originated from? Why is it credible? What will happen if you are wrong? Who’s credibility will be damaged?

I don't mean to sound condescending, I myself have found myself getting caught up in this some time ago, but I quickly learned not to.

Stick to things that you can prove. You shouldn’t be doing this to make a name for yourself, this fight is not yours alone. The truth movement is an organic one and we all have a part to play if we want to effect change and expose this NWO system.


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