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Russia Falls Short on Nuclear Weapons Obligations — U.S. Diplomat

Mos News | April 13 2006

A U.S. diplomat has said that Russia has failed to fulfill its commitments to reduce non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe and added that the two nations still have disagreements over the U.S.-funded effort to dismantle Russia’s nuclear stockpiles, the Associated Press reported.

“We believe that Russia has not completely fulfilled the Russian side of the presidential nuclear initiative,” said Stephen G. Rademaker, acting assistant secretary of state for arms control, referring to a U.S.-Russian initiative of the early 1990s which envisaged cuts in the number of tactical nuclear weapons.

Moscow has insisted it has made good progress on the issue. Rademaker also said Washington and Moscow still had differences over access to Russian nuclear facilities under a U.S.-funded program to help dismantle Moscow’s Cold War arsenals.

“One of the practical challenges in implementing these programs is to strike a balance between our need for accountability and Russia’s need to be satisfied that its national security is being protected,” Rademaker told a news conference during a visit to Russia.


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