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The Emperor Has No Clothes

Brad Edmonds | April 13 2006

Boy, do we look like a third-world, preliterate, banana-republic laughingstock to the rest of the world now. Well, maybe not to Europe, as they can’t handle their immigration problems either; but we do to every Mexican from the lowest criminal to the lower middle class.

Not only are we incapable of keeping them from crossing our border at the rate of nearly a million per year now, but a bunch of illegals marching on the street appear to the rest of the world to be having an influence on Congress.

Imagine that – criminals who can’t even vote, who by our laws should be forcibly removed from the country, influencing our lawmaking! Not just influencing in the sense that hardened criminals inspire lawmakers to get tough on crime, but influencing laws to be written in the way they want, the way most favorable to them.

We’re not that naïve, of course; we know corporate lobbyists produce the real pressure in Washington. Corporate lobbyists who like the cheap labor, who threaten Congressmen with lost campaign contributions and/or bloc votes, and who would love to lose some of the guilt and fear they feel over the number of illegals they already employ (hence requiring them to break some payroll tax and welfare laws), are surely behind Congress’s waffling.

But the rest of the world sees that we remain unable to control our own borders (9/11?), and in their eyes, it may indeed appear that we can’t stand the political pressure of criminals’ not getting what they want!

The term "undocumented worker" makes me laugh. I guess burglars are "undocumented procurers," and murderers and rapists could be called "undocumented medical practitioners."

I, for one, would prefer enforcing some of the laws we already have on the books over writing new laws anyway. We don’t need immigration-law reform; we need to enforce the laws we have. We don’t need hate-crime legislation, we just need to actually apprehend and prosecute people who break laws we already have against assault, vandalism, and murder.

But enforcing laws is no more a priority of anyone in a position of political power in the US than is obeying the state or federal constitution under which they work themselves. Why should Congress worry about forcing illegals to obey the law, when Congress ignores the Constitution itself? Just ask Congressman Ron Paul: Congressmen generally are only interested in increasing their tenures and their power among their fellow electeds, and after that, landing a big lobbying job with one of the firms they’ve favored while in office.

Do I sound cynical? Well, heck – our sitting President has told every other world leader ("you’re with us or against us") that if they don’t agree with his solution to his problems, they are considered enemies. He’s told Congress and the American people that he doesn’t have to obey any standing laws as long as there’s a war on (one that he declared, and unconstitutionally).

Around two-thirds of our federal budget is itself unconstitutional, made up of social engineering programs and entitlements that our several states, never mind the central government, wouldn’t have conceived of 100 years ago. The heroic anti-federalists who criticized such language as "interstate commerce" and "promote the general welfare" in the draft Constitution as being so vague as to permit creeping tyranny were indeed prescient. I wish they’d carried the day in 1787.

Don’t get me wrong – I maintain that immigration "laws" are themselves morally and logically invalid, because government itself is morally and logically invalid. Forcible government should be abolished, pure and simple.

But as long as this forcible government is in place, it is laughable that it gives every indication of being intimidated by those who enter its jurisdiction illegally, undercutting our labor prices and demanding we turn our culture into North Mexico. Protecting our borders is one of the few constitutional roles (notice I said "constitutional" and not "legitimate," as nothing government does is legitimate) our government has, and it has failed.

Our government failed on 9/11, it failed the first time the World Trade Center was bombed…heck, it’s failed at everything except increasing its own power at our expense.

It has been quite a coup, our government’s usurpation of our rights: First, Lincoln’s war made government itself involuntary; then government schools began indoctrinating our youth in the 1880s; then when those youth grew up, it gave them Social Security, binding their loyalties forever and causing them to be willing to allow their children to be indoctrinated to an even greater degree.

Much of the indoctrination language has been couched in such terms as "for our freedom," just as Hillary’s totalitarian non-volitional health care scheme was "for the children," just as "we are winning" in Iraq, just as up is down and night is day.

Our emperor and all our other rulers in Washington parade naked and ridiculous down the street every day, proudly claiming they’re wearing majestic suits of clothes. There are 12 million semi-educated Mexicans in our economy who know better.


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