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Meaningful Consequences Equals Dead Iranians

Kurt Nimmo | April 12 2006

Now that John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt, academic dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, have been effectively marginalized and portrayed as raving anti-Semites by the corporate media for their lukewarm assessment of AIPAC and the Straussian neocons as Israel Firsters, the road ahead, leading to shock and awe against the people of Iran, is wide open.

“Leading the charge has been a familiar group of neoconservatives, such as former Defense Policy Board (DPB) chairman Richard Perle and former Central Intelligence Agency director James Woolsey, who championed the war in Iraq but who have increasingly focused their energies over the past year on building support for ‘regime change’ and, if necessary, military action against Iran if it does not abandon its nuclear program,” writes Jim Lobe, journalist for Inter Press Service.

In fact, this “familiar group of neoconservatives,” otherwise known as Straussian neocons, are not simply interested in regime change in Iran, or more to the point they are not interested in a change of government in Iran without first killing the mullahs and a whole lot of innocent Iranians. Even though Iran now claims to be part of the nuclear club, announcing they have achieved “full utilization of a nuclear cycle,” a dubious claim at best, this does not translate into nuclear bombs fitted on missiles ready to deploy against Israel, a nation in possession of around 400 highly sophisticated nukes. The Israel Firsters and their friends in the corporate media would have us believe the mullahs and government of Iran have gone insane and suffering from suicidal dementia.

All of this illogical nonsense about Iran and its hallucinated nukes is little more than Straussian neocon and AIPAC Israel Firster propaganda designed to set the stage for a shock and awe campaign against the Iranian people, an event that will happen next month or next year, the exact timeline is more or less irrelevant. It should now be obvious disingenuousness is a primary Straussian neocon personality trait.

“The liberation of Iraq was the first great battle for the future of the Middle East…. But the next great battle—not, we hope a military one—will be for Iran,” Lobe quotes the crackerjack Straussian, William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol, a radical Jacobin of Trotskyite pedigree and Mafia don of the Straussian neocons. Of course, the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with “liberation,” beyond the fact around 250,000 innocent people were “liberated” from their lives, and Kristol’s disingenuousness shines when he declares his wish that “regime change” in Iran will not require military action, that is to say organized mass murder.

In fact, the Straussian neocons are chomping at the bit to slaughter Iranians, an obvious fact since the Bush Jacobins have squandered all opportunity to resolve issues with Iran peacefully (and the outstanding issue is a demand Iran allow the United States, that is to say the Israel First faction in the United States, to dictate who will rule the country, as a previous coup engineered by the CIA against a democratically elected Iranian leader ushered in the brutal dictatorial rule of the Shah, a stooge of the British and the United States).

As Lobe notes, “neoconservatives and other hawks led by Vice President Dick Cheney succeeded in cutting off ongoing U.S.-Iranian talks on Afghanistan and Iran and killing an offer by Tehran to engage in a broader negotiation on all outstanding differences,” thus sending a message to Iran the United States and the Israel Firsters are not interested in negotiation and in fact will settle for nothing less than Iran going prostrate in submission, a real non-starter for the fiercely proud and nationalistic Iranians with a history going back more than 2,500 years to Cyrus the Great.

Slapped in the face by Dick the Destroyer, realizing their position at the top of the Straussian neocon “axis of evil” roster, and taking note of the fact another candidate for destruction, North Korea, has yet to be targeted because it is assumed they have nuclear weapons and a serious retaliation agenda, the Iranians have a vested interest in acquiring nukes, or at least giving the impression they are headed in that direction. In fact, the “hawks” (or, interchangeably, serial murderers) understand full well the Iranians will not nuke Israel, a preposterous claim that assumes the mullahocracy has gone insane and harbors suicidal tendencies. Such nonsense is for the consumption of easily fooled children, that is to say the vast majority of the American public.

“Mainstream analysts, including arms control hawks who favor strong pressure on Iran over its nuclear program, have spoken out against military action as far too risky and almost certainly counterproductive,” Lobe continues. It appears these “mainstream analysts” have a problem understanding the rabid and murderous ideology of the Straussian neocons, well ensconced in the White House, the Pentagon, and “influential” think tanks, or criminal organizations, including AIPAC and the American Enterprise Institute.

Ahmadinejad “sees the West as wimps and thinks we will eventually cave in,” Patrick Clawson, deputy director of research of AIPAC’s Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) told Seymour Hersh. “We have to be ready to deal with Iran if the crisis escalates,” a “crisis” naturally fomented by AIPAC and its Straussian neocon co-conspirators. WINEP is especially dangerous and traitorous because, like the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, it cultivates “close ties among senior military officials in the United States and Israel,” that is to say it has burrowed deep in the Pentagon and affects U.S. foreign policy like a virulent infection.

AIPAC, WINEP, and the maniacal Straussian neocons are steering the United States toward attacking Iran, possibly including the use of “mini-nukes,” otherwise known as nuclear-payload bunker-busters. Richard Perle, the “Prince of Darkness,” a prominent neocon criminal with pull, told the gathered coven of Israel Firsters at AIPAC’s 2006 convention last month as much. “The convention, at which the keynoter, none other than the administration’s ultimate hawk, Vice President Cheney, vowed ‘meaningful consequences’ if Iran did not freeze its nuclear program, drew several hundred Democratic and Republican lawmakers in what could only be described as a show of raw political power,” writes Lobe.

In reality, the “keynoter” Cheney worships Ares, the Greek god of war, or maybe it is Mars, the Roman equivalent, and the war drums resounding will ultimately pay homage to Hades, the god of the dead.

The Straussian neocons and AIPAC “are the main force behind” the coming Iran attack, a “senior official with another major pro-Israel organization” told Lobe. “I don’t think there’s another group in the country that has two successive conferences in which the centerpiece was beating the drums for war in Iran.”

In principal, the premier globalist front organizations agree with this insane path, or at least provide excuses and rationalizations. Iran does not “need nuclear power for electricity because they’ve got all this oil and gas,” declares Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations and one of James Baker’s top Israel advisors during the Bush Senior reign of terror. “So this is a serious moment. But, again, the world still has time for diplomacy to try to put a ceiling on what they’re doing,” that is to say protect themselves, an unacceptable option for nations on the globalist hit list.

In effect, there is no way to stop this rush to madness and the very real possibility of nuclear war and radiation enhanced Armageddon. Even if millions of Americans filled the streets tomorrow, angrily demanding an end to the warmongering agenda, the plan will go forward, as the Straussian neocons are firmly in power and in control of the war-making apparatus in the bowels of the Pentagon. If the military turned against the neocons, arrested the plotters in their Pentagon offices and surrounded the White House with Abrahams battle tanks, there would be a good chance to nip these disgusting developments in the bud. Short of that, unfortunately, we’re screwed, at least in the short term.


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