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Claim: 7/7 Bombers Planned To Drown Tens Of Thousands
Group caught attempting to explode bomb under Thames river disappeared

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | April 11 2006

A British political party claims to be in contact with a source, likely to be a police officer, who claims that the night before the 7/7 London Underground bombings, a team of terrorists with a fifth bomb was caught trying to bomb the River Thames and flood the underground, killing tens of thousands of people.

Firstly, it is important to address the fact that this story originates with the British National Party, an organization strongly demonized by every sector of British society as a virulently racist mob strongly affiliated with neo-Nazi groups. A balanced observation of the party would be that their supporters comprise a mix between justly outraged anti-immigration sentiment but also violent extremists and white power advocates.

Despite what many see as their unsavory agenda, it would be unfair to dismiss a party that has attracted a significant power base in Britain as having no potential to attract sources with highly secretive information.

The source claims that by a fortunate accident uniformed officers stopped the terror gang for an unrelated issue before discovering evidence that they were obviously intent on committing an atrocity centered around flooding the London Underground. Within minutes notifying superiors, Special Branch police and MI5 officers descended on the scene to take over the investigation. The uniformed police were ordered to tell no one of the incident.

Subsequent attempts on the part of uniformed officers to follow up and discover what happened to the apprehended would-be terrorists were met with silence. The perpetrators apparently vanished without a trace.

The story speculates that a high powered explosive, if detonated as close as possible to the tunnel roof beneath the Thames River, would have resulted in torrents of water flooding the entire underground network and drowning tens of thousands of morning commuters as well as crippling London's transport and economic infrastructure as a consequence.

The article states,

"There are 93 miles of deep level tunnel, a large proportion of them below sea level, and all interconnected. The average depth of the tube lines is eighty feet."

"30 million litres of water have to be pumped out of the tunnel system even on a normal day. This is enough to fill a municipal swimming pool every 20 minutes and takes 1,030 pumps."

"More than five hundred trains run in the tube system at each morning peak period. 34,000 commuters enter the network at Victoria station alone during the three hour morning peak. During the peak period, the Central Line alone carries 30 trains an hour. The Waterloo and City Line runs 19, and the Northern Line carries 30. The other lines are equally busy."

The apparent cover-up in the supposed disappearance of the terror gang and the hush hush treatment of the incident is the most interesting angle to this story. Why would the British government fail to jump on such an event as a glorious success for the law and intelligence services in the fight against terrorism? A foiled attack, dwarfing the simultaneous bomb attacks that in comparison killed only 52 people, which would give them much needed gas mileage in the propaganda war to convince Brits to support Blair's ID card policy and keeping British troops in Iraq.

Unfortunately, the BNP's explanation for the incident only betrays their racist zeal to tar all Muslims as terrorists and is completely inconsistent with the facts.

Firstly, the BNP says that the foiled attack meant that British law enforcement and MI5 were able to put into action high-level security measures on the morning of 7/7 and that this explains why inconceivably coincidental 'exercises' simulating the exact same locations being attacked at the exact same times were running parallel to the real attacks.

The BNP's conspiracy theory goes that the intelligence agencies allowed the far smaller scale 7/7 bombings to take place because they could be pinned on home grown extremists and not as part of a wider Muslim driven hate crusade against the west. The BNP has actually deluded itself into believing that the British government has an interest in protecting the Muslim image and offsetting Islamophobia, in order to be able to continue its rampant immigration policy.

How bombing one Muslim nation after the next and being complicit in secret torture rendition programs that largely target innocent Muslims is 'protecting the Muslims' is beyond me.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the final leaked version of what happened on 7/7 identifies the perpetrators not as part of an international Al-Qaeda organization but as a modest homegrown operation (again bolstering this website's contention that the bombers were unwitting dupes who thought they were role playing as part of the exercise), all the propaganda echoed by the press and the government in the meantime had the express purpose of bonding the London bombers with the mythical Al-Qaeda and Muslim crusade against the west. A list of that propaganda can be found here.

The British people have been bombarded with headline after headline about how Al-Qaeda attacked us on 7/7 for the past 9 months. This is far more likely to stick in comparison to a quietly released one off final report. Therefore the BNP's contention that the final report is somehow a manufactured illusion in order to shield the Muslims from blame in he mind of the public is ridiculous.

In addition, they even go as far to state that those who cited the exercise as evidence of the British government's involvement in the 7/7 bombings as the fodder of "neo-Nazi cranks in the USA, who are fortunate enough to have no experience of living next door to people like the arrogant, hate-filled ‘religious’ thugs like Khan and his gang," presumably meaning myself personally in that I was the first in the alternative media to write about the exercises.

Firstly, to be called a neo-Nazi by the BNP, an organization with proven neo-Nazi connections, is beyond bizarre.

Secondly, I do not live in the USA, I live in England. And for over a year and a half I did indeed live in an economically deprived 50% Muslim community. Though I vehemently advocate controlled immigration, it was my observation that Muslims were the most family-orientated, polite and respectful people I had ever encountered.

It was my intention to use this piece as a means of highlighting the very interesting and on first impression credible evidence related by the BNP's source regarding the apparent attack on the River Thames that was foiled by uniformed British police.

However, it was necessary to directly rubbish the BNP's demented twisting of this information to suit their crackpot idea that the British government isn't using the imaginary war on terror to demonize Muslims and try and incite race riots, something the BNP would dearly love to see.

The real issue at hand is the fact that this apparent foiled attack never became public and that its would-be perpetrators were seemingly protected and given safe passage by the British intelligence services to the amazement of regular uniformed police.

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