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New Terror Targets: Liars, Clash Fans & 83-Year-Old Wheelchair Bound Women
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | April 6 2006

If you think that the time frame since 9/11 and the sanity of airport security coalesce to make traveling a little easier for us all then you're sorely mistaken. Further examples this week provide us more nightmare tales from the world of post September 11.

At Denver International Airport, the daughter of 83-year-old wheelchair bound breast cancer, broken hip from a fall and stroke victim Bernice "Bea" Bogart pushes her mother towards airport screening. Bogart is clearly wearing an orthopedic card telling security staff that she cannot stand up.

Daughter Sally Moon turns her back for a second to look back and faces the sight of TSA thug goons dragging her mother up out of the wheelchair. Moon fears another fall and instinctively reaches to support her mother.

"Don't touch her!" yells the Waffen SS officer, a woman in her mid-20's.

Moon attempts to calmly explain that her mother is under doctor's orders not to stand.

"You'd better change your attitude. Or do you want me to make it so you don't fly today?" snaps the thug.

The thug then tries to make Bogart lift her arms as Moon explains her mother can't due to having had treatment for breast cancer. The TSA goon threatens Moon again and orders her to the other side of the room. After further 'special' screening the two are finally allowed to board their flight.

What kind of sick little bitch gets off on putting an 83-year-old cripple through pain while screaming orders at a concerned daughter? What kind of stupid moron thinks that an 83-year-old cripple with dementia is a potential terrorist?

Probably the same kind of imbecile that reported Harraj Mann to the British airport police for listening to a Clash record in a taxi on the way to the airport. The weasel driver was so frightened by some of the lyrics that he took them as a rallying call for a terrorist attack. Mann was released after questioning but missed his flight.

Entering an airport these days is like walking the streets in the 3rd Reich. The oppressive atmosphere unnecessarily created by over-reaction and a total vacuum of common sense alone makes you feel guilty of something.

That's the society they are trying to create with the mass surveillance tracking and behavior regulation grid - guilty until proven innocent.

Now if you liked Boston Logan's brain scanners that detect and alert the authorities based on stress levels (after all, only terrorists get stressed in airports right?) then you're going to love this.

Russia, under the loving FSB (KGB) is introducing lie detector machines (pictured above) where, "passengers will pick up the handset of a "truth verifier" machine while they are asked questions."

Besides an argument about the fact that lie detectors are renowned for producing fraudulent results, just take a look at one of the questions asked.

"Have you ever lied to the authorities?"

Who the hell hasn't lied to authorities of one kind of another in their life? Does this mean that 100% will fail the interrogation and no one will fly? Little Hitler's like the one that roughed up the 83-year-old woman are salivating at the prospect of this coming to the US.

Don't forget that this is all a consequence of the world buying the ridiculous conspiracy theory that 19 retards with box cutters penetrated the most sophisticated air defense on the planet and pulled off crack fighter pilot moves to hit their targets on 9/11.


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