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Was Moussaoui outfitted with a hidden “stun belt” at trial?

Jerry Mazza / Online Journal | April 6 2006

This stunning fact was a slip of the tongue on MSNBC's March 28 Abrams Report by NBC news reporter Pete Williams. He said he believed Zacarias Moussaoui was wearing a “stun belt” underneath his clothing and that same stun belt was controlled by US Marshals. MSNBC host Dan Abrams immediately asked Williams for some more details on the stun belt in this exchange . . .

WILLIAMS: The old outbursts were gone . . . He was very docile today . . . We believe that he’s wearing one of those stun belts, and it may be that he was very worried about doing anything that would cause those marshals to press the button. . . .

ABRAMS: A stun belt? They literally have something around his waist? That they can push a button and?

WILLIAMS: [Pause] Well . . ."

Well, swell, nothing like a jolt of hot electric to melt the truth and get the untruth told. That is exactly what seems to have happened to Moussaoui, succumbing to the stun belt, saying whatever he was supposed to say on the stand.

Unfortunately, this piece of information came to me from a reader not long after my last article The Moussaouian Candidate had gone up at Online Journal, too late for inclusion then. Fortunately, the truth can be told now.

The information confirmed my surmise that someone was messing with Moussaoui’s mind or body, leading him to change his story, demeanor, and admit to any and everything. Which lead to Monday's jury decision reported by Richard A Serrano in the LA Times, Terrorist a Step Closer to Death, though this story did not mention anything about the “stun belt.”

Serrano did report the stunning details that occurred inside and outside the Alexandria, Virginia, courtroom that day. “A federal jury concluded Monday that terrorist Zaccharias Moussaoui is eligible for the death penalty, sending his trial into a final stage that will decide whether he deserves to forfeit his life for the deaths of Sept. 11, 2001, or is too unstable mentally to warrant execution.”

What was thoroughly mind-boggling was that no federal authority responded to Williams' revelation on MSNBC’s nationally broadcast Abrams Report or took action to investigate and/or arrest the federal marshals if they had concealed and used a “stun belt” around Moussaoui’s waist. This is physically and mentally abusing a defendant on trial for his life. If this is true, why aren’t these marshals arrested? And when they’re brought to trial, do we “stun belt” them into confessing who put them up to their actions? That would be interesting in this off-handed pursuit of justice.

Sarrano also reported that “Moussaoui’s testimony, over his lawyer’s objections, dramatically changed the tenor of the trial. He claimed he was scheduled to hijack a fifth airplane and fly it into the White House on Sept. 11. He explained matter-of-factly how he had looked forward to killing Americans. He said after his arrest that he lied to the FBI so that the plot could go forward.”

I suppose any one of us wearing a “stun belt” and getting painfully zapped into a confession might spill some nasty stuff, if that’s what our accusers wanted. Not to mention the fact that as a pilot Moussaoui would be lucky to get a Piper Cub off the ground.

Nevertheless Serrano reports that outside the courtroom, “Rosemary Dillard, an American Airlines manager, recalled losing four flight attendants under her supervision as well as her husband, Eddie Dillard. All were aboard the plane that struck the Pentagon. She said her husband was sitting next to one of the hijackers.”

That’s very sad and also very interesting. Especially since the latest evidence I’ve seen on the Pentagon hit, especially photos and text from writer/researcher Jon Carlson, show the remains of a Pratt and Whitney JT8D engine (one of two) found at the Pentagon. JT8Ds are never used on 757s.

Rather the JT8D is used on 737s or a Navy A3 Sky Warrior that can be configured as a 737 (right down to the logos and paint job). The A3 can also be flown by remote control and could carry a bunker buster missile, capable being fired by remote control into the west wall of the Pentagon before the A3 hit. An A3, by the way, is about 60 percent the size of a 757, not all that different. When the Navy retired the A3, they sold the fleet of them to Raytheon, the military supplier, who housed them in Van Nuys, California.

The A3’s wings were also made to fold for carrier use. And it’s entirely possible they did exactly that as it disappeared into the building. It’s also possible that the A3 came from the carrier, the George Washington, docked off the coast of Long Island on 9/11, and flown by remote control by an overhead helicopter seen in photos. So there would be no need for terrorists to hijack and fly any airlines-as-missiles, as was the case with the other 9/11 planes.

What’s more on 9/11, the JT8D engines along with remains of fuselage were removed from the Pentagon hit site by some 500 FBI personnel and transported first to the north parking lot within 15 minutes, then whisked away to who knows where.

I also submit that JT8D engines were found in New York City and at the Pentagon. At least one damning part of a JT8D engine was found in a large wire garbage basket near the World Trade Center attack and one identical engine came from the Pentagon attack. The bent street sign in the photo on the left is for Murray Street near the WTC. A similar engine (to the right) was cleaned out of the Pentagon.

But let me not digress now and dig further in this rich soil of inquiry. Hopefully I have presented a reason to doubt the ongoing 9/11 mythology. Let’s return to outside the courthouse in Alexandria. Here the grieving Mrs. Dillard went on to say, “The 2,972 people [9/11 victims] deserve this,” that is, the jury’s decision. And in her grief and anger, albeit misinformed in my opinion, she also said, “This man has no soul. He has no conscience.” I would suspect the real homegrown perpetrators of 9/11 fit that description even more aptly than the patsy Moussaoui.

Another beleaguered family victim, Abraham Scott, whose wife, Janice Marie Scott, died in the Pentagon when the purported American Flight 77 was flown into the building, said of Moussaoui, “I describe him like a dog with rabies, one who could not be cured. The only cure is to put him to death.” I wonder if his wish and description would hold if he knew it was perhaps members of the US government who were behind the whole scenario, as terribly painful as that might be to swallow.

Perhaps we can get them to confess publicly one day soon. If and when they go on trial, would we stoop so low as to put “stun belts” around their expanding waistlines, bloated with the profits of the death machines of two wars and 9/11? Or do we simply, truthfully, let the real evidence decide whether they spend the rest of their lives in prison or go to any of the painfully convenient forms of termination today’s prospering penal system provides.


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