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U.S. flag stolen, Mexican banner raised in its place – residents angry

TCPalm.com / KIT BRADSHAW | April 2 2006

It took a few days, but the flag of the United States of America once again is proudly waving at the entrance of Chasewood North condominium complex in Jupiter.

Over the weekend, someone cut the ropes of the flagpole, stole the Stars and Stripes and replaced it with a Mexican flag. The action brought out the police and many stunned residents of the community off Central Boulevard, including Sue Miller, a board member.

"We had one man out there trying to snag the flag with a fishing pole, since we couldn't use the rope to bring down the Mexican flag," Miller said. "I think all of our residents were upset about this, and we have a very diversified population here."

When Stan Bloom, president of Chasewood North board of directors received the call from Miller, he immediately began to make arrangements to have the Stars and Stripes reinstated. Some residents called because they thought the condo association had put up the Mexican flag, he said, but no one knows who exchanged the flags and stole the American flag in the process.

"I thought that stealing the American flag was bad enough," said Bloom, "but putting up a foreign flag was a dishonor to our country and to all our veterans and our servicemen.

"Frankly, if it has anything to do with the immigration movement — and I'm well versed on both the bills in Congress — I was on the lenient side before this flag went up, and now I've taken a hard line," he said. "The House bill makes it a felony for illegal aliens while the Senate bill is basically amnesty and citizenship.

"I wasn't for making it a felony before the Mexican flag went up on Jupiter."

Judging from the e-mails and blogs to The Jupiter Courier's TCPalm.com Web, site many people felt the same way about the action, and most were incensed about it. In fact, the story in Wednesday's Courier made the nationally recognized Drudge Report (www.drudgereport.com), and partially as a result, the flag story received nearly 78,000 views on TCPalm.com.

Workers earlier this week brought in a boom truck and were able to re-rope the flagpole, bring the Mexican flag down and put the American flag up.

Bloom said the cost of the replacement and repair was more than $500.



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