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Media Campaign To Discredit New Pope?

Propaganda Matrix | April 21 2005

From a reader in response to media coverage of the new Pope.

Hi Paul,

I' ve noticed the coverage of Cardinal Ratzinger over the past couple days, and I wanted to make the following observations:

First of all, Cardinal Ratzinger was not a Nazi. He did join the Nazi Youth as a teenager, but that was due to mandatory conscription. Moreover, his father was a vocal critic of the Nazis, and was relocated due to his strong opposition:

Secondly, regarding the sexual scandal, and the supposed cover-up by the Vatican, that document was a directive towards diocesan bishops in conducting their own internal investigations, not in regards to police authorities:

Finally, as regards the Reuters article on the Legion of Christ, I really don't know all that much about them, so I can't really comment. But the assertion that Cardinal Ratzinger only launched the investigation into the sexual assault case to bolster his papal candidacy is beyond absurd. I mean, come on. Cardinal Ratzinger tried to retire several times from the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, only to be turned down by Pope John Paul II. This is the kind of man who least wanted to become Pope.(lack of desire for the job is considered a prerequisite). Any Cardinal that shows the slightest hint of interest in the papacy has reduced their prospects to zero.

All this media coverage in the past few days directed at Pope Benedict by the mainstream media seems to be nothing more than a smear campaign to discredit him. The other thing I would like to add is that the Pope is very much human. When a story like the Legion of Christ is mentioned, it very frequently does not reach him right away. The Vatican doesn't operate on a twenty-four hour news cycle, so it can take long time to sift through the varying trends of news information to get to the truth. Since the pope relies more on his own bishops to provide him with information, his actions will be will hindered or helped by the info provided.Thus he is often left to sift through the confusing and contradictory explanations. However, the new pope seems to have a greater awareness of the breadth and scope of abuse, and I believe will do a great deal to help the situation.

Thanks for listening.